LETTER Dogs and Security at Irete


Sir, I own many dogs and these dogs together with those of my neighbours patrol our feeder roads every night.  These roads are so bad and water logged that no vehicle can ply them twice without breaking down.

These dogs have on several occasions foiled armed robbery operations single handedly without any assistance.  Not long ago, one of them was shot but managed to survive the gun shot.

Operation Rescue Imo Security outfit has never been to these feeder road close to Owerri/Onitsha express way because of their poor condition even though the population in the area is more than that of three villages in some autonomous communities.

The residents are not happy that they are not benefiting from this particular dividend of democracy.  The patrol should cover every nook and cranny of the state.  Because this is not happening, every other night the residents are guests to heartless armed bandits.

In the interim, they want some form of assistance to be extended to dog owners whose pets patrol the areas at night hours.  They spend much money in feeding these dogs whose services at night have become too invaluable to the residents.

Igwe Umunna