No One is Bigger Than Imo, Says Ihedioha .Pleads For Time To Correct Anomalies Of Past Regime

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By Tunji Adedeji

Governor Emeka Ihedioha yesterday publicly declared that no individual from Imo is greater than the state.

Addressing stakeholders from the state 51 days after he became governor, Ihedioha openly stated that no one among Imolites can be greater than the State.

The Governor while speaking on wide range of issues confronting his administration and achievements so far decried the poor state of Imo before he came lamenting that the state witnessed monumental decay and damage in the hands of the past administration, said that all that is needed to be done to build the state shall be done without fear of favour adding that no one can be above the state.

According to Ihedioha people of the state need to be patient with his administration for the wrongs of the past to be corrected.

“You can imagine that contracts for jobs were ordered orally, there was no inputs from supposed supervising ministries. Interim assessment report shows massive looting, carting away of movable assets and conversion of government assets to personal use.

“There were also illegal sale of government property, back date of certificate of Occupancy, heavy debt burden and other issues we need to be patient and wait for its resolution for the good of our people”

Speaking on what he has done in the past few weeks he came on board, Ihedioha disclosed that he has adopted innovative approaches to maximize funds with development, collaboration with CBN to stimulate small scale industries, and health industries, stating the he will tackle joblessness and unemployment.

The governor reassured the people of the state that separation of powers, due process and accountability remains sancrosant while Rule of law can’t be compromised.

“In Imo, there must be rule of law and due process. For instance, in the case of the President of the customary court of appeal, the person that was removed has been there for over two years while the law says such acting position is for three months only. We have resuscitated Bureau for Price Intelligence to take better options for contract awards”.

The governor recalled that when they were campaigning, they honestly underestimated the quantum of rot in the State and the deep hole of corruption and mindless misappropriation perpetuated by the last administration.

He alleged that immediate past administration and its appointees carted away almost every movable and immovable asset belonging to Imo people. Consequently, we have set up a high-powered recovery team and the team is making tremendous progress.

The governor further said “Our interim findings show a consistent pattern of massive looting and stripping of public assets, dismantling and carting away of public property such as electric poles, vehicles, tucks, office equipment and furniture etc. There were last minute illegal sale of government property at giveaway prices and unlawful allocation of land including backdating of Certificates of Occupancy. ”

“Instances of mindlessly withdrawing cash from government accounts in commercial banks without due process as well as illegally recruiting and promoting civil servants, are common place.”

According to him, “Unsustainable debts were incurred on behalf of the State running to over a Hundred Billion Naira without anything to show for it, and consequently, saddling the State with a myriad of lawsuits and Garnishee Orders. ”

“I must inform you in this regard that, so far we have received over 30 billion Naira worth of Garnishee Orders arising from several ill-conceived and fraudulent contractual agreements deliberately consummated by the past administration, to destroy the future of the State and its teaming population by fettering the State in a humongous debt trap.’

Ihedioha who said his administration is open to genuine criticisms and suggestions on how best to serve Imo better, maintained that In spite of the challenges they have encountered in setting up this new government, the depth of the decay has strengthened their resolve to keep our promise to rebuild Imo and restore its former glory.

The governor opined that more revelations are underway as the forensic investigation continues. I have also chosen not to bore you with details and the unpleasant state of the infrastructure we inherited including buildings and equipment, he said.

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