Eld-El Kabir: Ihedioha Celebrates With Moslems In Imo, Present Sallah Gifts

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By Samuel Ibezim

Sunday, August 11, Hon. Yahya Babidi Hassan, Special Adviser to Gov. Emeka Ihedioha on Northern Affairs, has thanked the governor for showering over 500,000 Muslims living in Imo State with gifts of bags of rice, cows and rams to celebrate their Eid Al-Adha festival especially for the less privileges.

Speaking shortly after prayer at their Central Mosque, Owerri, Hassan described it as a wonderful and peaceful day. He said that the holy festival commemorates the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his son according to God’s command, that it is a yearly event which Muslims around the world celebrate.

Speaking on the relationship between Hausa Community in Imo and Indigenes, HASSAN who is an engineering graduate from Federal University of Technology Owerri, FUTO, said that it is quite cordial as   most of them are now indigenized to the place.

Hear him: “We partake in all their activities here in Imo, even Oru Owerri that just passed on, we were part of it, we did the procession together to Ugwu Ekwema. It has been peaceful

Speaking on peaceful living among Nigerians, he said that it is a template that we should adopt in every part of our life in the country as it is very important. That there won’t be no meaningful development without peace.

On his own, HRH Oba Oladeji Musibau, Oba Yoruba in Imo advised all to embrace peace as insecurity has shaken the nation and accept each other as one. Oba Musibau reminded Muslims that Islam is about peace, urged them to embrace peace for the country to grow and develop.

Imam Alhaji Bello, Central Mosque Ama Hausa, shortly after cutting the throat of the ram, said that they are celebrating Sallah and it partly involves cutting of the ram. That God instructed the prophet to sacrifice the ram. On his message, he said that people should fear God and see everyone as brothers. That they should not kill each other.

Mallam Prince Basheer Uwakwe, Traditional Prime Minister, TPM Umueze Mbieri in Mbaitolu LGA and Chairman Imo State Muslim Councils, said that Islam is peace. That everybody should embrace peace and avoid violence, try to watch on their excessiveness as it begat so many dangerous things.

Mallam Uwakwe condemned Muslims killing Muslims even when they supposed to see each other as brothers. He said that cooperation between Igbo Muslims and Igbo Christians should be condemned because they came from the same family and answer same surname.

“We have to live in harmony, embrace them, tolerate them because if we don’t tolerate them, we cannot be able to convert our people who will see the truth of Islam because Islam is a great message, it appeal more to the intellectuals, it doesn’t appeal to dumbs, it doesn’t appeal to illiterates, and those illiterates we found in Islam are the people.” He stated.

According to him, over 500,000 faithfuls live in Imo state and they have over 29 Jum’ah Muslim mosque where they worship on Fridays across the state, saying that they have come to stay.

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