Property Recovery: Ministries, Secretariat Generators Traced To Ex Appointees; Duru, Offor, Nwachukwu Fingered


Fresh details how government property was looted are beginning to emerge as the Recovery Committee of the Imo State government opens up even as allegations that the Jasper Ndubuaku led team invaded and carted away electronic items from the shop of the wife of a former appointee are raging.

Speaking to Trumpeta on phone on its activities with respect to the allegation on the carting away of items from the shop of Emeka Duru, former Principal Secretary to Okorocha, committee chairman Ndubuaku revealed how the government generators from the ministries and secretariat got missing.

According to Ndubuaku, based on a memo from the Principal Secretary to Okorocha while in office as governor, generators were removed from the government premises and shared by former public office holders of that era.

In his words, Ndubuaku said, “the former Head of Service, Ekenze revealed how a memo from the former PS to Okorocha, Emeka Duru authorized the removal of generators from the ministries and secretariats. And, we just discovered that it was shared by Chinedu Offor who took it to Onuimo and Ifeanyi Nwachukwu.

Also, another of the generator was found at Anwuka’s house. We have recovered two from his house and two from his shops”

Reacting over the allegation that his committee members allegedly moved into the Emeka Duru shop to cart away electronic items, Ndubuaku has this to say “we called Emeka Duru more than 200 times but refused to show up. He was playing the committee hanky-panky, pretending not to be available while he was around. We called him to ratify issues concerning this discoveries but he avoided us.

We are still seeking his presence”.

Going further on explanation, Ndubuaku offered, “it might interest you to note that Duru was the last PS to Okorocha and took charge. He was the one who removed all electronics from offices in Government House and took it to his private shop.

“We are still on his trail and if found shall be handed to security agencies for prosecution. I have nothing against him. He is my in-law, but that aside the committee has a job” he added.

A facebook post from a concerned Imolite yesterday raised the alarm alleging that the Recovery committee allegedly carted item away from the shop of Emeka Duru’s shop.