Latest On Supreme Court Review: Ihedioha Under Pressure To Withdraw Petition From Court . As PDP Says No, Urges Party Candidate To Continue

More twists are emerging from the Imo Governorship imbroglio, as the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, in the March 9, 2019 election, and the Supreme Court removed Governor of Imo State, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, has been asked to withdraw his petition now before the Supreme Court or face the consequences.
Trumpeta learnt that the former Governor who submitted a petition to the Supreme Court to review its judgment of Jan 14, 2020, which sacked him from office is now in a dilemma of either to withdraw the matter or push on with his petition and dare the powers that be.
Sources told Trumpeta that some forces are not comfortable of what the supreme review on the Imo Governorship judgment may portend for the system, as the situation looks dicey and may not end way for the image of the judiciary.
It was learnt that in order to nip in the bud what may degenerate into judicial odium, the best option is to force Ihedioha to accept the “status quo” and save the system from global condemnation as the review will open a can of worms and expose many things.
Following this situation, Ihedioha is said to be in a quagmire as he has been told in clear terms that any more push of his Review actions may elicit actions against him, including going to jail for “insubordination against authorities”.
Already, a prophet who “predicted” Ihedioha ouster from office, is said to have released yet another prophesy where he said that Ihedioha risks jail if he does not watch it.
The “Jail Treat” Trumpeta learnt looks a serious matter, as sources close to the former Governor said efforts are already in top gear to unearth fictitious “Sins” of the former Deputy Speaker, through which he would be nailed.
As at the time of going to Press, Trumpeta learnt that pressure is being mounted on Ihedioha to jettison the Supreme Court petition and move on for “another Day”.
But the former Governor is said to be upbeat and ready to pursue the matter, at least for the sake of Justice, Judiciary and survival of Nigerian Democracy.
“Ihedioha is under heavy pressure to abandon the issue of Supreme Court Review. We are still talking to him. It is his right to pursue the matter, but we are looking at the situation now as it concerns the system and all of us. He is a Statesman and a patriot. We are still persuading to drop to Review matter.  A top source declared.
However, PDP, the political party under which Ihedioha contested the election and was declared winner on March 11, 2019 is saying that it will pursue the matter to its conclusive end.
“Ihedioha is just an individual, but PDP is the main organ he represented. PDP will fight to retrieve its mandate. Imo people voted for PDP and we will as a party derelicting in own duty to abandon our mandate” PDP source from Wadata Plaza Abuja told this Newspaper.
Further information has it that Ihedioha may have ran into trouble because of his zeal to unite Ndigbo through his approach to good governance, which within just seven months in office restored Imo State as the centre point of the “Southeast” where actions were taking place every day.
“Ihedioha was clear on his stand on Igbo policy. He within a short time turned Imo to the most transparent State in Nigeria, best in Technology, galvanized moribund Ministries and Parastals which started attracting heavy investments into the State, with renowned Statesmen including former Presidents coming to Imo every week. You think that was good news to everybody?” Trumpeta was asked.
Meanwhile, the coming days will tell if Ihedioha will withdraw the petition on push on with the Review.