Valentine Day: Housewives In Imo On Rampage .Attack Husbands Over Suspected Infidelity .One Hits With Sharp Object, Another Pours Hot Oil


Sinister signs for men who play around with other women of easy virtue other than their wives are showing with the female folks showcasing bizarre attitude to their hubby’s over suspected concubines and “Side Chicks”.
This week of Valentine’s Day celebration in Imo State has witnessed unprecedented unsavoury incidents with women visiting harm on their husbands based on suspicion of extra marital affairs.
Early this week, photos of a man said to have been attacked by the wife for alleged cheating went viral on the social media.
According to what Trumpeta stumbled into online, the victim escaped death after wife stabbed him for alleged infidelity in Owerri.
One facebook user, was quoted to have said that the man was stabbed twice by his wife because she suspected the man was cheating on her.
The story has it that the offence of the man for receiving the rude attack was that the wife accused him of frolicking with a “side chick”
It was learnt the man however escaped death after the attack and is currently receiving treatment at a public health facility in Owerri.
Similarly, another story has it that despite escaping death by whiskers after attack from the wife, the another man is at an emergency unit of a hospital.
Trumpeta findings have it that the man had called a friend for help after the wife poured boiled oil on him for randy love affairs with another woman.
It was learnt that the mother of four who had been suspecting the husband of having “side chicks” for long took possession of the man’s phone when he went to bath and in the process stumbled into a message ostensibly sent to the man by the girlfriend and the replies of the lady.
An account has it that on spotting where the suspected woman friend thanked the man for the new phone he bought for her, the angered house wife dropped the phone and went after the husband.
The woman was alleged to have used hot oil to splash on the man leading to severe burnt injuries.
With these recent developments happening in the Valentine’s Day celebration week, there is palpable fear in the society that married women may have chosen violent means to checkmate their husbands involved in extra marital affairs.
Reactions from the social media since the ugly incidents occurred have seen men give intention to “play” around with caution to avoid musance value of the women strongly opposed to side chicks.