Uwajimogu: Ex- Speaker, Acho Ihim Confesses On How Okorocha Made Him Insult Late Senator


People in Imo State and beyond were perturbed during the heat of the 2019 elections when former speaker, Rt Hon Acho Ihim took late Senator Ben Uwajumogu to the cleaners.
Uwajumogu and Ihim had had rosy relationship as first time lawmakers of the Imo State House of Assembly.
After Uwajumogu’s four years as number one lawmaker, he was said to be instrumental to Acho Ihim becoming the Speaker 2015-2019 when he insisted on the ranking rule for principal office position.
However, their relationship turned sour when Ihim addressed the press and spoke ill of Uwajumogu.
Giving reasons why he acted  in such a manner, Ihim during the valedictory session for the former Speaker on Tuesday opened up to blame former governor, Rochas Okorocha for insulting the late Okigwe zone Senator during lifetime.
According to Ihim, during the days of political crisis in the state, the former Governor, Okorocha had asked him to insult Uwajumogu as a test to his loyalty or he would be booted out as the Speaker of the 8th Assembly.
Ihim said he had consulted late Senator Uwajumogu over the development.
Explaining further, Ihim said “Senator Uwajumogu told me to go ahead with the insult. Then I called for a press briefing. I used the forum to insult him the way I felt. After that, I went back to him to tell him that I had finished with the insults.
” In response he said: “I hope with that your job is saved?”