Panic, As Coronavirus Arrives Nigeria .Buhari Places Travel Ban On USA, UK, Italy, Britain, Others


The dreaded deadly life-snuffing Coronavirus has arrived Nigeria at last, with Eight (8) victims reportedly with the virus.
At the same time, the President, Mohammadu Buhari has placed travel ban on some major European countries, including Asia and America.
According to the Federal Ministry of Health, Eight victims with the Coronavirus have been indentified in Nigeria.
Four of the victims are Nigerians including a six week-old Baby, while the fifth person was a foreigner who entered Nigeria through the land Borders.
Trumpeta learnt that one case is recorded in Ekiti State, while four are in Lagos State.
Meanwhile, in a release made available to Newsmen by the Secretary to the Government of Nigeria, Bose Mustapha, Nigeria has placed travel ban on Thirteen Countries. They are United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (Uk), China, Japan, Iran, Switzerland, Norway, Netherland, France, South Korea, Germany, Italy and Spain.
However, many expressed disappointment with the Federal Government for not placing the travel ban earlier than now, only to do so after eight victims had crossed Nigerian Borders.
“Other Countries had placed this ban since a week now, including our neighboring African Countries like Chad and Benin, only for Nigeria to wake up after eight carriers of the Coronavirus had entered Nigeria” Chief Alfred Anyanwu lamented.