Probe of Contract Award: Okorocha Shuns Panel Invitations, Gets Fresh Date


Against all expectations that Senator Rochas Okorocha would appear before the Imo State Judicial Probe Panel on contract awards a witness, the former governor failed to appear again.
Recall that on a number of occasions, Okorocha was invited by the Justice Benjamin Iheaka led panel but refused to honour it. Instead, a counsel represented his interest.
Following the adjourned date for Okorocha to appear after the last encounter, it was agreed that the former governor will appear on April 29th 2020.
But instead of Okorocha to appear, his remained shut counsel on Wednesday sent a letter to the probe panel to suspend proceeding on the matter involving his client arguing  that there is pending suit against the panel over this issue at the high court.
The lawyer also prayed that his client can’t come to Owerri due to lockdown order, adding that the boundaries have  even the flight cannot operate as a result Okorocha cannot answer any court case now.
Initially, the panel saw the letter as a confusion since it could not state the exact time that Okorocha will appear just like others who defied  appeared at the probe panel did in the past.
“There is no guarantee that Okorocha will answer us” a panel member reacted.
Barr Osundu one of the Okorocha’s lawyer explained he does not know when boundary lockdown will be over.
The commission members and Okorocha’s lawyer (Osundu) agued on the stay of execution letter.
“You should have made your decision whether you are requesting for adjournment or not” member of the probe panel questioned Okorocha’s lawyer again.
But Osundu answered by saying that he is only a messenger for now and nothing more. “Am only holding brief” Osundu said.
As the argument moved on, a panel member declared that Osundu has a limited scope on the issue.
The matter was adjourned to 6th of May pending on the boundary lock down if it will be lifted or not.