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Why Ex-Abia Governor convened Njiko Igbo

Since a meeting of the new socio-organization, Njiko Igbo was held on Sunday September 16th, 2012 at the Aso Villa residence of the National Convener, His Excellency, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, former Abia state Governor, there have been speculations on the real motive behind the formation of the group.

Among the speculations is that the group seeks to replace Ohaneze Ndigbo and related groups on issues concerning the Igbo race in the Nigerian scheme affairs.

This speculation necessitates the clarification that Njiko Igbo is in no way intended to replace or displace any group working for the interest of Igbo people.

To the contrary, the aims of the group called Njiko Igbo as the name connotes include harmonization of different interests in the South East Zone of Nigeria, facilitation of a Common South East position on national issues, rekindling the spirit of political participation among the citizens at the grassroots across the zone as well as channeling such enthusiasm to positive national goals, building bridges across political tendencies in the zone and extending such bridges to other geo-political zone for the full re-integration of the zone among others.

It is also necessary to state categorically top use the platform to launch his presidential ambition come 2015 is true as it was agreed unanimously that the key objective is Igbo unity in every nook and cranny of the global village and not the political ambition of any individual or political party.

This fact was further confirmed at a follow-up meeting at Kalu’s residence on Sunday October 7th, 2012 where it was accepted that political party partisanship should give way to the collective Igbo interest and issues such as the recent unwarranted attacks on our illustrious son and literary giant, Prof Chinua Achebe over his recently published memoir recounting the ordeals of the Igbo race during the Biafran War, should be resisted by the Igbo at home and in the diaspora and all well-meaning Nigerians who truly believe in rehabilitation, reconstruction and reconciliation as proposed by former Nigerian Head of state, Gen Yakubu Gowon who shortly after the war that caused the death of over 2 million Igbo citizens, declared that there should be “no victor, no vanquished”.

That Kalu proceeded on a visit to Democratic Republic of Congo the next day, Monday October 8th, 2012 to preach the Igbo Unity Gospel is part of the global sensitization strategy.

Those who feel threatened by Igbo unity and their paid agents who think they can graduate their personal political differences with Kalu to sabotaging noble causes such as Njiko Igbo simply because Kalu is involved, are missing the point because Njiko Igbo is an idea whose time has come and it has come to stay no matter what Igbo haters and their cohorts think or do.

Laughable publications in media last week claiming that Kalu was at an event in Enugu which was disrupted by some youths while incontrovertible evidences prove that Kalu was no where near Enugu throughout the period in question only serve to not only expose the ignorance and tactlessness of the Igbo haters but also further rubbish the credibility of the media house that published the blatant falsehood without clarification.


Salvator Amadi