Church Pastors Fast Over “Molten Calf” In Owerri


Pastors of Pentecostal Churches in Imo state have ordered their teeming members to embark on fasting and prayers immediately following the unveiling of a strange carved object at the Fire Service round-about, Owerri, which looks like the Biblical “Molten Calf” that led the Israelites into worshipping idols.

Many of the Pastors who phoned Imo Trumpeta disapproved of the moulded Beast believed to be a Bull at the popular round about at Mbaise road-Wethdral junction, which has been attracting on-lookers from every part of Imo state.

The artwork which was fenced round and covered from prying eyes, when sculptors were handling the job, was opened last week. The unveiling of the monstrous-looking animal shocked the public and has set tongues wagging as each of the observers continued to give their own description and interpretation of the Big Bull with a sprawling testicles between its two back limbs.

Pentecostal Pastors who spoke to Imo Trumpeta under anonymity disclosed that they have ordered marathon prayers to ward off any evil that the Bull signifies and may unleash in the state.

The spoke in unison that the “molten calf” signifies bad omen for the state, pointing out that such objects portray the state in bad light to visitors and its inhabitants, mostly when the Bull is in scripted with the words; “the strength of Imo” meaning that Imo state is a raw Beast looking for whom to devour, or Imo people draw their strength or power from beats instead of God.

“We are praying seriously and God will hear our prayers.  We have been seeing carved objects at strategic junctions since the creation of Imo state, but this particular one is strange.  But I assure you that after these long prayers and fasting the power of that Bull would be neutralized” A Popular Pastor in Imo state told Imo Trumpeta.

Some parents who spoke to our Reporters said they were not against artworks being displayed at major spots in the state capital, but their worry is that the carved Bull at Fire Service round-about is capable of scaring adults much less children.

“What is the significant of that Bull?  Can’t they carve or mould other objects like a mother feeding a baby or something that is similar to our culture and tradition or way of living?  Must it be that Bull, what do our people have with Bull?  It is strange” Dr Ifeanyi Onyeche told Imo Trumpeta.

Arch Tony Chiemena, a sculptor told Imo Trumpeta that professionally, the artists did a fine job, but he was not convinced that such arts need to be put there, since that place is not an amusement park, but a popular round-about that showcases the state to the outsiders.

“That artwork is fine.  But I don’t support displaying it at a round-about.  Such arts are displayed in zoos or parks” Dr Chiemena told this Newspaper.

Meanwhile, questions many people have been asking are who authorized the moulding of that Beast at the round-about?  Did they consult professionals like Town Planners before arriving at that Bull?  These are the questions begging for answers.

However, Imo Trumpeta’s investigation to unveil which Ministry or Contractor is handling the work was shrouded in secrecy as both the Ministries of Works and that of Arts and Culture have denied knowledge of the contract of both the construction of the round-about and carving of the “Molten Calf”’

“My brother, you don’t know how this government works.  A contractor could just be assigned the job without any supervising Ministry, but gets paid at the end of the job at any place.  What is important is the payment, not which ministry”.  A source from Government House Owerri told Imo Trumpeta.

Meanwhile, Imo people are rest assured that with the prayer warriors at work, the “Golden Calf” cannot spell any doom on Imo people.