Prince Chidi Chikere Bags Award of Icon of Good Leadership


  By Stevenie Michaels.
  Marking the epic event of Alvan Ikuokwe college of Education  median cultural day ,prince  Chidi Chikere was awarded with the title of an Icon of good leadership from the association of Mbaitolu  students in Alvan college of education,,
Speaking with Prince Chidi after the event  he said he was happy and so appreciative of the award given to him, he said that he has always worked hand in hand with the youth making sure they get to their aspired position in life,
Poverty is not all about been naked or hungry,  the worst poverty that can happen to someone is not seeing  some body that cares ,cherished, observed when you are sick ,happy and unhappy, money is not too necessary in everything he said.
Prince Chidi  went ahead to say that most our political leaders believes that giving out one loaf of bread, few cups of rice to lure the youth into believing in them  knowing fully well that the best investment you can do in life is investing in human, and that while he opened a foundation and called it Mbaitolu Ikeduru revolutionary foundation, he said that their own revolution is not the one to turn the local government upside down rather the revolution to change and direct the ill narrative of the people ,making the less privileged to feel loved, wanted and accepted to the society  saying that is where his aim and objective of his foundation lies and that is his  kind of leadership lies on and that is while the youth in his community dims it feet to give him an award of the Icon of Good leadership.
Prince Chidi in his advice to the students to identity who he or she is ,and avoid daily games of good like cultism ,he urges them to concentrate in their education and allow the school to pass through them and not them passing through school so they can feel the impact of education, leadership because from the  school you will develop the attitude of a good Leadership.
He urged the politicians to stop going into the schools to use the students for their selfish interest and learn to advice them positively and teach them how to live a vulnerable life
Chief Daniel Okereke while speaking with journalist after the event said that Prince Chidi Chikere deserved the award giving to him because his a good man and carries every one like himself, and urges him to continued with his act of goodness and never stop while  Mrs  Nkechi said that the award given to him is deserved by him because he live a simple life and good in heart,
  Princess Chioma Chikere Iheme  who is the wife of Prince Chidi  Chikere said she is very happy for the recognition from the youth  ,princess who described her husband as the best man said her husband is loved by every youth in their community because he love them and never sized to make them dependable and his a man of peace ,
From the president of Mbaitolu  Student Association of  Alvan Ikokwu College of Education said he opted for that name Icon of good leadership because his actually an icon of youthful leadership, selfless in carrying out duties to the youth, that his a man that has made so much impact to the youth and that his works are seen all over the community. He said he never does anything without having the youth in his mind.
The epic of the event was cultural display from every communities in the campus and Coronation of new Highnesses and their Ugoezes,