Random Musings Time To Demolish Imo Assembly Complex


I don’t wish to sound pessimistic about certain developments in Imo State, but I must state that there is need to consider demolishing the complex housing the Imo State House of Assembly. For more than a year, the House members have been at the Hero’s Square complex on Concorde Hotel Road, undertaking legislative business.  Incidentally, this new place appears to have become the abode of the state legislature against the traditional ground. From 2011, late Ben Uwajumogu became the Speaker to Acho Ihim’s  era and now, the Heroes Square complex has been serving the lawmakers. If from 2011 repair works had been carried out till date, yet the complex is not certified fit to accommodate the members, will it be extreme reasoning to suggest for a demolition of the sagging building?  The gigantic structure bequeathed Imo people is about to collapse, yet no serious attention is giving to it. May be, until when the noticeable cracked walls cave in and claim lives, authorities shall wake up to consider what next to do  with the deteriorated building. Let Imo Government do something to rehabilitate the complex. When the Ikedi Ohakim administration, during the time of  Goodluck Opiah, Speaker (2007-2011) made efforts to reduce pressure on the building by laying foundation for a new  block in the complex, the succeeding Okorocha government stopped it  and went on to embark on a “patch-patch” job in the old building.  The problem of the building was worsened with new blocks added to the shaky floor. The outcome has turned the complex to a waiting disaster the Uzodinma administration should arrest now.
It has become necessary to point out that the traffic lights in Owerri metropolis, in Imo State may be for fancy, going by characters of road users. After giving some roads in the state capital a facelift, the state government installed solar controlled traffic lights. There is hardly any part of Owerri without mounted traffic lights. Initially, traffic lights were found on few major roads, but the present administration has gone further to hang it on almost every motorable roads where adjoining roads exist.
Somehow, motorists do not obey the regulations as vehicles move against traffic direction at most locations.
Ministry of Transport must come to see to the regulation of the traffic lights.
However, I think some of the traffic points are unnecessary considering zero pressure that requires traffic control.