Random Musing: Imo PDP Elders And Exclusion Of Ohaji/Egbema


I somehow stirred the honest’s nest a forthnight ago when I wrote about PDP leaving a strategic LGA in Imo State, like Ohaji/Egbema out from the Elders Council Committee.  I posited that while others had atleast three to four members , no party leader in  the LGA was considered worthy for one slot. I got reactions from the PDP members who tried in vain to justify reasons behind the action. I was a bit pleased by the response of a top flight politician from the Federal Constituency Ohaji/Egbema belongs to,  who courteously tutored me on the process  or rather modalities of raising the committee. The (Oga) I won’t mention his name was civil in approach and took time to explain the rationale behind the exclusion of Ohaji/Egbema. He informed that the position was for “former this and former that” which no present member of PDP from the area had held or presently holding. I agreed with all his explanations. But eyebrows must be raised when he further gave reasons why of the six free slots which have no attachment for the nominee to obtain to be in the Elders Committee of the party, why no Ohaji/Egbema was considered. He said that in the Federal Constituency, Ohaji/Egbema produced the zonal chairman (Orlu zone) hence the available free slot was given to Oru West. But the “Oga” failed to note that one of the slots of Okigwe zone was also given to one who hails from same LGA that produced the state party chairman, Charles Ugwu. In Imo PDP, it appears the party has forgotten that what is good for the goose is also okay for the gander. May be some LGAs were considered more important than Ohaji/Egbema in certain allocations.