Leave Our Land Umuoma Nekede, Mboke Ihiagwa, Umocha Avu People Tell FUTO


Agitations against the Federal University of Technology, (FUTO) over forceful acquisition of land of the host communities appear not yet abating.
Monday, the leaders and elders of three communities viz Umudoche Umuoma Nekede, Mboke Ihiagwa, and Umuobiriolam Umuocha Avu in a press briefing at Owerri cried out over the forceful acquisition of their lands by the federal institution.
Nze Duru Ben Nwosu, Elder John Ubawunwa, and Chief (Elder) Christian Ohanele Anokwuru who spoke for Umudoche Umuoma Nekede, Mboke Ihiagwa, and Umuobiriolam Umuocha Avu respectively pleaded with the school to steer clear of their land to avoid trouble.
They warned FUTO to stay away from their land because according to them “our land was not acquired by any government or FUTO or anybody. Our land still belongs to us. We are not part of any land acquisition and would not be”
They hinged their protest on the following facts:
They challenged FUTO to produce any documentary evidence between them and the communities ceding their land to FUTO or any group while accusing the new Vice Chancellor of a sinister motive to acquire their land for their own selfish use.
“Our land is not communal. Our land is owned family by family, by individuals. Where FUTO have acquired they have paid compensation and they have fenced same. They never compensated any of the three villages.
“FUTO did not even capture us as their landlord. We have never profited anything from FUTO as social benefits like employment etc
“Our lands have finished and with their encroachment where will our children and future generations live. In Nekede they took a vast area of land for the Polytechnic. In another area of Nekede they took land for police remaining our farm area which we use for our sustenance as farmers. When they take all our lands they are invoking opportunities for more criminality which the state claims to be fighting’’, they stated 
They also warned their indigenes who are collaborating with FUTO officials to undermine their communities, that their plans are already exposed. The community leaders further cautioned against any provocative acts from the school that would lead to a breach of peace because as law abiding citizens they will resist any forceful takeover of their land.