A highly successful business mogul and philanthropist per excellence Ogemdi Martin Ibeawuchi, popularly known as Ogidi Mbano, from Isiala Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State, together with his amiable wife Martin Francisca Amarachi, from Ubakala, Umuahia, Abia state, have called on all and sundry to join them in giving thanks and glorifying God, for blessing them with double portion, as He has given them two sets of male twins consecutively.
Ogidi, who threw an open invitation to the public, to join him, his wife and the entire family to the Church, for a thanks giving to God on Sunday, September 5, 2021, while addressing the press in his house in Owerri, expressed joy, even as  he said that it is by the mercy of God that he has such a double gift of children and not by his strength or power or by his righteousness.
  Hear the jubilant Ibeawuchi: “You know, children come from God and I will say that I am one of the people that God has blessed by giving me children and blessing me with twin boys, two times consecutively.
“I haven’t much to say than to say: Thank you Lord for the things you have done and for the things you have been doing in my family and the things you are about to do.
“So, that is why I am calling on people to just come and celebrate with me and family and have the blessing of God because such blessing doesn’t come from any human being. It only comes from God and God said that it is only those who He wants to bless that he will bless and I believe that God choose to bless me not by my power nor by my righteousness but because of His mercy upon me. I thank God for everything.”
Answering the question jokingly posed to him as to whether he bribed God to give him two twin boys, two consecutive times, Ogidi Mbano, while smiling joyously, said: “I didn’t bribe God. God chooses whom to bless. You can’t bribe God. There is no medical attachment to it. I didn’t take paracetamol; No IVF. God choose to bless me. I see it as miracle. Sometimes people don’t believe in miracle but I believe in God’s works of miracle. There is someone who created heaven and earth and who shows mercy and he has shown me love.”
As many are today looking for children and cannot find, while God has blessed him with such a double portion of gift of children, Ibeawuchi had this to say: “My advise to those looking for children is that they should look up to God because it is only God who gives children. Children do not come from any human being; not even the Doctor. Whatever God says is going to be, it is going to be. So, they should keep on going onto God and God doesn’t fail. That is my advise to them. At the appropriate time, God will show them love and supply them with their own children.”
Continuing, Ogidi Mbano said: “If it is by human making, I don’t think God will give me such children because I believe that I started praying a long time for God to see me through and give me boy because we are born in a family of five girls and two boys but I wanted boys. I was telling God that when I get married He should give me boys and God heard my prayer. “For every single prayer you say, God will hear it and until the appropriate time, God will perform it.”
Regarding his philanthropic gestures Ogidi submitted thus: “Giving is a gift from God and it is a very hard thing because people give to me and I believe that givers never lack. So, when you give, you don’t give because you just want to give but you give because you know that it is our own little way to reach God and I believe that once you give, in one way or the other, God will keep blessing you because I receive from other people too.
“People like us who started from the scratch, we are still helping in one way or the other because a tree cannot make a forest. There is nobody in this world who will say that he has not received help in one way or the other. So, in our little way in trying to return back to society, we try to give.”
Sunday, 5th of September, 2021, is going to be a remarkable day to Ogemdi Martin Ibeawuchi, his wife Martin Francisca Amarachi, with their family, friends and well wishers, as they troop to the Church for a special thanks giving celebration in appreciation for the special love, mercy and kindness God has showered upon them, with double portion of gift of children.