Ex SSG Cautions OCDA Over Demolition


The former Secretary to the Government of Imo State, Hon Barr.  Onyeagucha  says the recent demolition of people’s properties and means of livelihood in the state by the OCDA under the directives of  Governor Uzodimma is testamentary evidence that  the Governor  wants to strangle poor Imolites to death .
Hon Onyeagucha insists that Governor Uzodimma has turned himself to a tool of tribulation against the people.
Recently, under the stern directive of the Governor, the OCDA bulldozers gruesomely demolished people’s means of livelihood in the state and other properties belonging to the less-privileged. Such mindless demolition exercise has aggravated the level of suffering of poor Imolites who are just struggling to escape from the entanglement of a manifestly tough moment occasioned by cumulative months of bad leadership of the present administration in the state.
Such demolition at this material point in time, when the people are yet to recover from the effects and devastations of the Covid19 pandemic is highly reprehensive.
The Governor  has indeed confirm his gross irrationality and insensitivity to the plight of poor Imolites. Governor Uzodimma and his administration have become sanctuaries of hardship, intense pains and excruciating poverty.
It is rather absurd and a mark of wickedness that this Government derives enormous joy and happiness seeing the less- privileged in the state swim in the ocean of suffering and abject tribulation. It demystifies any rational instinct how the Governor has turned himself into a tool of strangulation against the people of the State. No responsible or reasonable Government will ever embark on such mindless and wanton demolition of her citizen’s means of livelihood without first providing alternative palliatives especially when it is clear that the same less privileged masses will be at the receiving end.
It is highly disgusting that Governor Uzodimma has  chosen to embark on a rough voyage aimed at making life miserable for poor Imolites in the state.
Rather than causing pain and aggravating the misery of the poor masses in the state, the Governor should begin to engage in meaningful projects that have direct positive effect on the people. He should be reminded that the society abused today would take its revenge on its leaders in due time.