Obokofia in Ohaji/ Egbema Cry Out Over Policeman Extortion, Harassment


The residents of Obokofia Community in Ohaji/Egbema LGA of Imo State have raised the alarm over the sporadic shootings, brutality and extortion meted on them through the orders of a suspected police officer. The Continuous molestation of people of Obokofia in Ohaji/Egbema LGA of Imo State have made residents of the Community to live in fear and unsure of what next in the future. This was made known through official complaints to newsmen and members of the Human Right Activist Group in the Egbema community. According to Information Trumpeta gathered, it was learnt that this menace has been ongoing for sometime but got out of hand with the death of a police man on Egbema Agwa road and his riffle taken away by unknown person (s). One of the persons who spoke to Trumpeta on basis of anonymity stated that the accused policeman was transferred to Egbema recently. According to the source the man has not been nice to them since.