Swearing-In Of New Excos: Serving Commissioners May Face Sack As Uzodinma Plans Swapping of Positions


Another sacking spree is looming in Imo State Executive Council as the governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma plans to inaugurate newly appointed commissioners. 

Months ago, the governor sent packing about 20 commissioners before recalling two. It took time before he recently submitted fresh names to the state legislature which have been cleared officially for allocation of ministries.

After the confirmation of the commissioner nominees by the Imo State House of Assembly, Trumpeta learnt that Uzodinma has reportedly concluded arrangements to remove some of the serving Commissioners who survived the first onslaught four months ago. 

Top sources in Government House, Owerri revealed to this newspaper that considering the number of ministries and commissioners so far nominated, it is obvious that the governor will drop some after the inauguration and allocation of ministries.

The source who pleaded for anominity further informed Trumpeta that Uzodinma is applying tactics in the planned dropping of the commissioners.

“You can see that Imo State has more Commissioner nominees than the number of ministries in the state. Recently, the ministries were reduced and merged indicating that the number of commissioners shall be reduced. We are aware of this plan even before this new list came out” the source offered.

Trumpeta however learnt the number of commissioners including the serving and new ones are more than the number of existing ministries.

Indications are rife that after the allocation of existing ministries to the commissioners those not considered will automatically be dropped.

Statistics,  Trumpeta learnt,  shows  that with the existing 18 ministries won’t be enough for the 25-man strength commissioners in the state.