Tragedy: Oguta Community Deserted, As One Shot Dead, Houses Burnt, Citizens Avoid Churches, Army, Police Takeover Area


 Experiences of last Saturday (5/11/22) may still be sour in the mouths of residents in Izombe, even till this moment, following a fracas as some alleged bunkerers refused to pay tolls.

Trumpeta can authoritatively report that on that fateful day, four trailers belonging to a prominent Nigerian businessman were driving pass the Community while returning from a delivery trip.

The trailer drivers who have been stopped severally for toll payment got infuriated and fracas ensued.

 In the ensuing melee, the toll collectors shot at the tyre of one of the trailers as containers of crude oil were seen hidden in the trailer.

 As the driver came out, in a suspicious manner, to challenge the toll collectors, he was shot dead while the other had his legs shattered.

Two out of the four trailers escaped leaving the other two behind. Within few minutes of this development, an intimidating and heavily armed squad of Soldiers, Police and Ebubeagu stormed the area with rthymic release of bullets, howbeit at no target, but which made occupants of the area scampering for safety to neighbouring communities of Nkwesi, Mgbele and Agwa.

 The Izombe Community was literary dead as one could hear the sound of a pin if dropped.

 Though the security squad finally left the area very early Sunday morning after fixing the trailers, fears didn’t allow people to come out for worship hence churches recorded near zero attendance.

 Although, the Izombe Community is calm as at the time of filing this report, the people who fled the area were yet to return.