Drama In Imo School As Angry Teacher Chases Away School Head Out of Office Over Unpaid Salaries


By Okey Alozie

Imo teachers who have not been paid by the Imo State Government for allegedly more than 2 years reportedly started showing their grievances in different ways.

 It was recently observed that, while some have resolved to protest and revolt against the government on daily basis others choose to unleash terror directly on their school heads.

At recent incident took place in one of the schools at Worldbank, new Owerri where a teacher, names withheld paralyzed activities of the school for some hours.

The teacher in question came early to school on Tuesday and decided to take over the school heads office.

Trumpeta gathered that the school head who came later and discovered someone else has taken her office resolved to pipe low when some teacher alerted her of the danger she may meet if she eventually go inside her office.

The school head as we learnt moved to the staff room for hours and thereafter, she decided to go inside her office.

While she was going in her assistants followed her to confront the angry teacher who had already taken possession of the school head’s office.

The woman in question warned those coming inside not to do anything funny. She vowed that the school head must go to governor to bring her accumulated salary for peace to reign otherwise she will remain in her office.

She further said that she will never leave the school head office until officials from government house come to the school.

It took the intervention of the Director of schools before the aggrieved female teacher agreed to go out of the school heads office.

The aggrieved teacher later narrated her ordeal in the hand of Imo government. She revealed that she have been teaching without salary for very long time. She said the most annoying part of it is that government claimed that everybody have been paid.

She submitted that when she heard over the radio that workers have been paid, she started crying because of her condition.

The aggrieved female teacher who was speaking in tears disclosed that she is now dying of hunger. Since she have no money to take good care of herself and family.

She however described the school head as a good woman but insisted that it anger that made her to take such action just to show her grievances.

A lot of people came around started having pity on the aggrieved woman. Those who were around advised her not to take laws into her own hands again. They also advised her to follow due process in making protest adding that the school head is never part of her problem at all.