High Court Judgment: LP Nat Chairman Has Power To Sack Rivers Executive


The judgment delivered on 31/07/2023 in Suit No: PHC/753/CS/2023 between Dienye Pepple & Anor v Labour Party, Julius Abure, Hilda Dokubo &Ors, the Rivers State High Court presided over by Hon. Justice Adangor  held  that it lacked jurisdiction to go into the  suit filed by Deinye Pepple the erstwhile Chairman of Labour Party caretaker committee in Rivers State as the suit bothers on internal party affair/dispute. Hon. Justice Adangor however in the judgment confirmed that Hon. Julius Abure, the National Chairman of Labour Party having appointed the Dienye Pepple led caretaker committee also had the right to remove them. The Rivers State High Court in the judgment further confirmed as valid the appointment of the current caretaker committee under the Chairmanship of Hilda Dokubo to superintend over the affairs of Labour Party in Rivers State   by Hon. Julius Abure, the National Chairman of Labour party. By the judgment of the Rivers State High Court, It is now judicially confirmed that Hilda Dokubo is the authentic Chairman of Labour Party in Rivers.