Aftermath of Iriji Mbaise: Uzodinma’s Appointees Fight Dirty Over Governor Largesse


.As Three Commissioners, LGA SOLADs Battle For Supermacy

By Okey Alozie

Appointees of Governor Hope Uzodinma in Imo State from the three Local Government Areas of Mbaise nation namely, Aboh, Ahiazu and Ezinihitte Mbaise Local Government Areas are said to be in cold war over largesse they received from Government House Owerri during the Iriji Mbaise Festival.

Report has it that prior to Iriji Mbaise 2023, there was disagreement between Ezuruezu Mbaise Apex Socio Cultural group and Oluoha Mbaise group over the venue of the 2023 Iriji Mbaise festival.

While Ezuruezu wanted the ceremony to be hosted at Aboh Mbaise stadium, Oluoha group preferred Mbaise secondary school also in Aboh Mbaise.

The Sole Administrators from the three Local Government Areas supported Ezuruezu while the three Mbaise Commissioners and other appointees supported Oluoha. The crisis and fight between the two groups almost escalated into a war which made the Governor of Imo State Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma to invite them for a peace Talk.

The Governor resolved the matter and the two groups then agreed to work together.

In appreciation, the Governor allegedly gave them a huge of money for transport back home. During the Iriji proper, the Governor also supported them financially, coupled with other financial supports that came from those that were invited for the annual festival.

Surprisingly, the money realized has started causing ripples now in Mbaise Nation.

The appointees right now are at war complaining against each. Many of them have been accused of cheating, siphoning and mismanaging of funds.

It was alleged that the Dollars received from Government House was not properly handled by the Leaders.

Aggrieved appointees and Leaders of Aboh Mbaise are still raising eyesbrow on the huge amount received that have not been accounted for.

“We want transparency to reign in Mbaise.

“We were invited for the meeting with Governor in his office regarding Iriji Mbaise a few days before August 15th 2023 and the Governor in his generosity gave us huge sum of money and we were not included in the sharing of this money.

Moreover, the money was not even used for the Iriji events” the aggrieved Appointees submitted.

It would be recalled that during the general election, a replica of what we are hearing now took place as it was alleged that the funds brought for logistics were mismanaged by the Leaders in Aboh Mbaise APC.

During the Iriji as we gathered also many got disappointed about some of the bills submitted. It was reported that a particular guber candidate paid for publications, and the money was collected and nothing was published for him.

Concerned Mbaise people are now demanding for a probe. They want a Committee to be set up for the probing of the planning and Execution of the Iriji Mbaise festival 2023.

The complains  and protests  from those who felt shortchanged during the Iriji 2023 have come to alarming rate and this time Mbaise sons and daughters want the truth to be ascertained  so that those who committed blunder during the Iriji Mbaise festival will face the music without delay.

The Leaders must account for the money given to them” a youth demanded.