Aftermath of Nov Imo Election: Uzodinma Begins Plans For New State Executive Council


.To Make Use of Manageable Cabinet

. Hundreds of Appointees, Aides To Go

Despite threats of Litigations from fellow competitors in the November 11, 2023 Imo Governorship election, and other court cases concerning the Senator Hope Uzodinma administration in Imo State, Trumpeta learnt that the Governor is already thinking about his next Cabinet.

According to sources close to Governor Hope Uzodinma who just won a second term in office, he is already assembling names that will make the Imo State Executive Council immediately he is sworn-in on January 14, 2024, as Governor.

Information available to Trumpeta has it that while Uzodinma could be said to be so magnanimous in his first term by throwing Appointments indiscrimately, this time, the Oru East born Governor, will no longer be “a Father Christmas” in his second term.

Trumpeta has it on good authority that from Jan 14, 2024 when sworn-in, Uzodinma will trim his Executive to a manageable size, for effective production and conservation of funds for other important projects for the citizens.

Sources said that the over two hundred Special Advisers, SAs will be shown the door, as they dug dip hole in the financial pot of Imo State.

The Special Advisers some of them on Four Hundred Thousand Naira N400,000, a month salary,  would be dropped, as their services would no longer be needed.

“The Governor appointed over-bloated State Executive to carry everybody along, and to empower party members. The Appointees also made the reelection process of the Governor simple. But now, they have to go” a top Official of Imo Government told Trumpeta in confidence.

This Newspaper learnt that Uzodinma will make use of more technocrats in his new cabinet, as the Governor is said to be impressed with what his current Executive achieved, after he introduced technocrats and dropped core politicians.

“The Governor will strive to leave a good record. Now, he is not going  for another election and will concentrate on giving Imo people more dividends of democracy for posterity and his future political pursuants” Trumpeta was told.

Following this latest development, indications are that some of those who think they are indispensible in the Uzodinma administration may lose their positions, as more urbane, and intellectual personalities would be introduced to create a better good image for the administration. The Governor is said not to be comfortable with the negative stories surrounding his first outing and will tone things down this time.

The Governor has already suspended the Commissioner for Land, Hon Atulegwu Abiaso, and Managing Director, MD, Imo Housing Board, Hon Obi.

Meanwhile, Trumpeta was told that Uzodinma in his second term is not ready to look at faces as what bothers him now is to execute some of the remaining projects he promised Imo people, as he may back come to seek vote from Imo people at a higher level in the future.