Sleep Disorders and Good Health

Recently, one of the renowned neurologists at the College of Medicine, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH, Professor Njideka Okubadeju warned Nigerians about some adverse health conditions resulting from inadequate sleep. In a lecture: Good Sleep, Healthy Ageing at the 3rd Edition of World Sleep Day, she further affirmed that sleep and good health are closely related.


According to the associate professor, the consequences of lack of proper sleep are devastating and spanned poor memory recall, decreased work productivity, increased risk for hypertension and diabetes, reduced immunity and life span among others. To circumvent the impasse, there must be daily sleep between 14 and 15 hours for infants, 12 and 14 for children and 7 and 9 hours for adults.


As the professor expertly observed, the dictates of modern living have drastically reduced the number of hours people devote to sleep. For this reason, different forms of sleep disorders are at the core of today’s various health problems. Many night duty workers sleep only at day time whereas it is widely believed that day sleep falls short of night sleep in terms of relaxation, recuperation or other beneficial side effects.


Indeed, the neurologist has played up one of the most sensitive areas of national development, quackery in the guise of spiritual intervention in the health sector. The outcome being that medical institutions now complete with spiritual churches or prayer houses in the areas of effective health care delivery. Almost always, the latter gets the upper hand anchoring their performance on the unlimited healing powers of the Omnipotent God.


Modern adverse health conditions resulting from insufficient night sleep ought to be communicated in strong terms to some religious organizations notably the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN. It organizes night vigils and other nocturnal religious activities two or three times a week. Other religious bodies outside the PFN fold insist sweepingly that night hours are more sacred and ideal for communication with the Supreme God if one is to harvest in abundance divine intervention and blessings.


The Sabbatarians and other Sabbath (Saturday) worshippers believe much the same way and carry out series of night activities during the night rather than the day hours. The practice is also the preserve of prayer houses many of which have successfully usurped the functions of hospitals up to the apex health institutions like university teaching hospitals. In some extreme cases, religions organizations in the PFN family designate some nights as spiritual hospital were people are either healed or cured of their ailments.


The new energetic director-general of Imo State Orientation Agency, ISOA, Prince Ford Ozumba should apply his Midas Touch to the sector and sanitize the practice. From the much he had done so far, he is capable.
































Governor Rochas and Imo State Becoming Laughing Stock?


Welcome back to work after Easter Holidays.


I am happy that many of us are coming to terms with the points we had tried to write about. I recall writing about the “DEMON GATES” the wastage and in-appropriateness of it. I followed up with the impossibility of the numerous “redsand-mudded” roads, one of which had led to the “false or right” impeachment of the former Deputy Governor. Yes Sir Jude Agbaso has been successfully impeached but be assured that by the end of the saga, Governor Rochas will have more.


Now, my brothers and sisters, for goodness-sake, dancing naked in the market place as Governor Rochas is doing will not help him or our state, Imo State. Knowing details of his background makes me not to be surprised at his deceits and manipulations. But be certain that we have another “James Ibori” in the production process-line. A Governor whose workers, for example medical workers, demonstrated few weeks ago for non-payment of monthly salaries, is promising NYSC Corpers N10,000/month. What level of foolishness is this?


Dancing to the Galleries, such as the NYSC N10,000, building “freedom or bondage” squares, making “Roundabouts” no longer see-through for safe driving etc, will no longer deceive sophisticated voters, and most are in this generation. Go tell Governor Rochas that he has nailed his political coffin by his awful failure in Imo State. I had advised that he should use the remaining two years to redeem his career, but I am afraid he does not have the gray matter for it.


Sincerely speaking, it is better for Imo State and Nigeria that his capacity has been exposed by this one term. We now know Rochas as OBJ knew him – “the Big Thief and the Failure” His dream to deceive Nigerians through Mega Party (whether APC or not) will not be realized unless those in APC are like him, and if it be so, I can declare without fear that PDP through President Goodluck will win in 2015. For if we allow Confusion Rochas, remember my post “Governor Rochas – Thy Name Shall be Called Confusion” gain higher positions, rather than prison, then Nigeria and Nigerians are doomed. May it never happen in our lives’ time.


Think of it, which group will contribute more to the Productivity Levels of Imo State, the regular workers of Imo State (who are demonstrating for their salaries to be paid) or NYSC Corpers? If Governor Rochas have good records of paying Imo State workers and wants to put “iceing on Corpers cake” I could not have bothered one bit. He should set his priorities right and stop making himself and our “ill-lucked Imo State, in terms of Governance, except De Sam” a laughing stock.


Can the IMHA have the liver to kick him out? Enough is enough. I am still WEEPING FOR GOV. ROCHAS AND IMO STATE.

God bless Imo people. Believe in God and pray for Redemption must surely come.


Engr. Cele

+2348037752938 E-mail: engr.cele@yahoo.com


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