Dear Editor




The process of governance is not a game of football. It is something that should be seriously prepared for, before one decides to run for an election. Hence, one should not see it as a surprise. Records have shown that most Nigerian leaders lack the qualities of leadership. They seem not to appreciate the essence of leadership, and that is why when they are elected, they behave like those who were picked or projected to achieving a selfish interest. But, when such persons who were hand picked to become leaders, discover that the position they occupy is difficult for them to man, they still insist on staying there.

Benjamin Uwajumogu is the speaker of Imo State House of Assembly. He is a man of prudence and diligence. I have written several articles, advising Benjamin Uwajumogu to be diplomatic while performing his legislative obligations. But, it appears that Mr. Speaker is not ready to adhere to this advice and suggestions. Thus, claiming to be a master of all. It is sad to discover that Uwajumogu prefers his personal engagements, rather than presiding over legislative sittings in IMHA. If he prefers his personal engagements to his legislative obligations, what stops him from resigning from his position? His constant reluctance on legislative matters is really un-becoming of Mr. Speaker. The truth must be told, no matter whose ox is gored.

Looking vividly and explicitly on how Uwajumogu became IMHA Speaker, one would not be surprised at some of his actions.  First, he was elected on the platform of PDP and later defected to APGA. That act was done in bad faith. He defected to APGA because he was enthusiastic to become IMHA Speaker. He should study the process that brought him into the position he is currently occupying, and should know that he ought not to do things that make people to see him as a weak Speaker.

The Legislative arm should be independent, and should not be intimidated by the executive. He should try as much as possible to sit up to his obligations. If he does not perform to the expectation of Imo people, especially his constituents, he might not have the opportunity to serve as IMHA Speaker in years to come.


Bright Eluagu,