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Imo PDP Mobilization Exercise and Other Matters

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP Imo State Chapter led by Bar Eze Duruiheoma has embarked on reinvigoration exercise of the party, which led to the formation of various Committees headed by top political heavy weights of PDP extraction.
However, the most tasking of these Committees, is the Mobilization Committee led by Chief Jerry Chukwueke. It is pertinent to note that PDP having realized the need to “rebrand” set up this particular Committee led by Chukwueke.
There is no gain saying the fact that fortunes of PDP has been dwindling in Imo State, since 2007 when it lost the most coveted political position in the state; the Governorship seat.
Then, following an internal squabble, there was an implosion which gave opportunity for the candidate of the Progressive Peoples Alliance PPA, Dr Ikedi Ohakim to win the election.
Although Ohakim retraced his steps back to PDP where he hoisted the party’s flag, as its candidate in 2011, PDP still allowed the 2007 debacle to repeat itself as PDP again shot itself on the foot by allowing personal aggrandizement, envy, jealousy, backstabbing, sell out, conspiracy and what have you to cost it the Governorship seat again, as Owelle Rochas Okorocha of APGA, or is it APC is the incumbent Chief Executive of the state today.
These developments, if the truth must be told, have polarized the PDP in the state, as many of its members are confused on which side of the divide they should stand.
A lot of its members are disgruntled, and need a sense of conviction before they could throw their weights convincingly behind the PDP family again.
Therefore, it was in the spirit of this observation, that the Jerry Chukwueke Committee was set up to traverse the nook and crannies of Imo State, to fish out the members and sale to them the new message of rebranding Imo PDP for accommodation of all members, devoid of base and class divisions.
This, truly, is a tough task before the Chukwueke Committee, and here lies the future of Imo PDP, because if the Chukwueke Committee fails in this errand, it will spell doom for the PDP in Imo State.
However, the only good news is that the Mobilization Committee has undertaken the job with all strength it could muster, as according to sources, many who left the party are returning in their droves.
Whenever these disgruntled elements are fully back, PDP should try in the future, to eschew those characters that ostricise some of its members, and usually leads to the party losing Imo Governorship seat at the crucial periods.
Once beaten twice shy. No excuses would be entertained again, should the PDP ignite the self-destruction button in the future. It should learn to always settle its quarrels behind closed doors.
The Jerry Chukwueke Committee’s efforts should not be allowed to go in vain. The energy being exerted on this Mobilization exercise should not be a waste, as PDP members, especially those who feel they own the party, must realize that no body plays politics without the inclusion others, as Democracy is a game of numbers.


Fraud Behind N400m Flood Victim Incentives
By Federal Government To Imo State
Following the flood which ravaged many communities especially in Ohaji/Egbema and Oguta LGAs in Imo State in 2012, the federal government out of magnanimity to assist the affected people gave N70.6b to flood victims across Nigeria. The states which benefited from the gesture were categorized into: A, B, C and Imo State was categorized in category B and got N400m.
The whopping sum of N400m by the federal government is a palliative meant for the flood victims to swim out of the flood mess and hence start life afresh. The affected communities who are made up of indigents have continued to suffer untold hardship as the money meant for them did not reach them as expected.
Based on facts/statistics on the where about of the N400m fund the people only received N60.2m. Some of the flood victims lament that they got N500, N700, N200 respectively only and nothing more. This figure however counters the Imo state government’s claim that the N400m fund for the flood victims was judiciously used and that the state government even added about N160m to complement the federal government offer. This statement was issued by the chairman committee on flood disaster, Dr Obi Njoku, the former Commissioner for Health, Imo State.
Imo people should bear in mind that the flood victims are complaining bitterly because they have been shortchanged and sidelined as Imo State government may have embezzled the N400m the federal government doled out to alleviate their suffering. Commonsense should make us understand that if the money was judiciously handled as some impostors had shamelessly claimed in some quarters, the flood victims ought not to have complained at all.
What will N500, N700, N200 respectively do to arrest the suffering of the helpless flood victims of Ohaji/Egbema and Oguta when a whopping N400m cannot be accounted for by Imo state government? This is grossly fraud and insincerity!
Let the federal government wade into the mess about the N400m by setting up machinery to look into the N400m incentive meant for the flood victims in Imo State to assuage the hell the helpless people have been plunged into by the heartless and autocratic regime in Imo state. Are these people not those who supported governor Okorocha to be where he is today? Those he calls “My People, My People”
Another rainy season is here again and yet no measure has been put in place to forestall future flood disaster. Action speaks louder than voice. Imo state is retrogressing economically, academically and socially due to the autocratic disposition of those who at the helm of affairs of Imo state. Enough is enough!

By Ikenna Orioha
Nekede, Owerri.