Fraud Land Allocation: Despite Gov’s Intervention, Police Probe, Buyers May Lose Monies


.Victims Lament Non Settlement

Most of those who have paid for allocation of lands by the Imo State Government which have been revoked by the governor of the state are at the verge of losing their monies.

This, Trumpeta learnt is as a result of the decision of the 3R administration to stop all transactions connected to the allocation of lands in the first four years of Governor Hope Uzodimma.

Trumpeta recalls that part of the oddities that rocked the first four years of Uzodimma in office was flagrant abuse of process of allocation of lands as well as fraud in payment of monies for government lands.

The scandal got to alarming rate when some former appointees of the governor were not only implicated in the fraud but also had to spend days on the dungeon of security operatives while explaining what they know about the reported payment and shoddy allocation of lands.

News had it that two former Commissioners that were in the employ of Uzodimma were incarcerated to give more highlights to the land racketeering fraud.

Trumpeta also learnt that apart from the Commissioners involved, there were other government officials from the state legislature to the executive implicated in the entire stinking deal.

But despite the protest letters, petitions and arrests made in connection to the shady land deals, those who paid in money may have run loses as there are no plans to refund anyone involved.

Our reporter learnt that several persons parted with monies paid to the government agents and when it became obvious the 3R Government under Uzodimma doesn’t have such approval, the fate of the victims remain unknown.

“Since those involved in the land deal from the government angle have been released by the security agencies, the tendency for those who paid for the allocation to recover their monies is remote”, a source offered.