Anxiety As Labour, FG Set To Clash Over Hardship Demonstration


.Police Seal Labour Office In Lagos, Owerri  To Be Shutdown

Fear is raging across the Thirty Six (36) States of the Federation, as Labour Union led by Comrade Joe Ajaero is poised to the take to the streets today on demonstration over hardship that has hit a majority of Nigerians.

Labour had raised alarm through a release signed by the National President, Comrade Joe Ajaero, alleging that there is plan by the Federal Government to stop the Labour demonstration through force.

In the release captioned “As the State prepares to unleash violence on us” the organized Labour insisted that no amount of intimidation will stop the Labour from carrying out the demonstration today. February 27th, 2024, adding that it is the fundamental right of citizens to demonstrate peacefully in a democratic environment.

“As citizens, we have a fundamental right to peacefully protest and history bears us witness that our protests are always peaceful except in instances of State engineered violence” Labour said.

Meanwhile, there is a report that Police has sealed up Labour office in Lagos State, as a way of stopping the brewing organized Labour demonstration.

“In light of this, we advise the State to turn on its thinking cap and find solutions to the pains it continues to cause the people” it said.