Creation of Orlu State from Imo Resurrects



…Passes First Reading In Senate


After previous efforts by politicians in the past to have Orlu State created from the present Imo State failed, the project is being resurrected again.

Leading the plan to have the Orlu State in the present dispensation is Senator Representing Imo West (Orlu Zone)in the National Assembly, Senator Osita Izunaso.

Izunaso has presented the matter as a Bill before the Senate which passed First Reading.

A release from Senator Izunaso’s office in Abuja which confirmed the development states further

Overview of the Bill:

The proposed Orlu State, carved out of the current Imo State, seeks to enhance local governance, improve infrastructure, and stimulate economic activities in the South East region. The Bill outlines the administrative framework, resource allocation, and governance structure necessary for the establishment of the new state.


Senator Izunaso’s Opinion:

Speaking to his colleagues, as a way of lobbying, Senator Osita Izunaso highlighted the critical need for the creation of Orlu State. *”The aspiration for Orlu State has been a long-standing dream of the people, aimed at fostering more efficient governance, closer representation, and accelerated development. This bill represents a transformative step towards realizing that dream and ensuring that the voices of the Orlu people are adequately heard and represented.”


General Rationale for the Bill:

The creation of Orlu State will streamline administrative processes, bringing government closer to the people as well as enhance service delivery. Further, a new state will provide better political representation, ensuring that the unique needs and aspirations of the Orlu people are met. Also, the establishment of Orlu State is expected to attract investments, boost local industries, and create job opportunities as well as stimulate economic growth in the South East region.

Finally, recognizing the cultural and historical significance of the Orlu area, the new state will foster and preserve its unique heritage and traditions.

The Bill will proceed to the second reading, where it will be subject to further debate and scrutiny. Senator Izunaso remains optimistic about the Bills progress, calling on his colleagues in the Senate and other stakeholders to support the initiative. *”This is not just a Bill; it is a beacon of hope for the millions of people in the Orlu area. I urge my fellow Senators and stakeholders across the nation to consider the immense benefits that the creation of Orlu State will bring to our great nation.”*

The Bill for Orlu State creation, which is one of the campaign promises of Senator Osita Izunaso has garnered widespread support from various stakeholders, including traditional leaders, civil society organizations, and the general populace of the Orlu area. These endorsements captures the popular demand and necessity for the creation of the new state.