The just concluded presidential election in Nigeria particularly was what rightly goes for a conspiracy in the high places. In fact, the Almighty God was the first conspirator supported in His infinite glory by the four winds of the earth, namely; East, West, North and South. How did it go? First, the political atmosphere of the country was turbo-charged to the acme of flawed voter’s registration exercise master minded by none other than the weird professor of political science that was thrown up by divinity to champion the course of the national leftist who perceived themselves as the “progressives”. Do not lose grip of the first technical or strategic balls up committed by a God sent President Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan (GEJ) whose lasses faire attitude and unequalled simplicity that reflects in unparalleled gentle mien drove so insensitive as to allow in the first instance the successful registration of a typical merger of diverse political parties into a devil-mare-care formidable mega party christened the All Progressive congress (APC). This APC that could have technically been nipped in the bud by dis-allowing its spurious INEC registration abi-nitio was the undoing of the ruling but crumbling People’s Democratic Party. In lieu of a coalition, the APC was a product of a merger from various political parties with just one ulterior motive-to unseat the government of President GEJ and dis-member the crisis ridden PDP. This latent agenda was not only pretentiously pursued but very virulently orchestrated by an acrimonious ethnic bias rooted mainly in the long muted, nurtured and incubated ambition of the South West leftists of the Late Chief Awolowo’s stalk. At the nip of time, the triumph of the Awoists over the idealistic liberal Democrats in Nigeria was starring us in the faces. So, the fanatical adherents of the Awoism in the likes of the rather resolute Alhaji Bola Tinubu and his cohorts swiftly relived into an outburst of chanting doxology coined in the recent slogan ‘SAI Buhari’ for emerging victorious at last after four (4) years of seriously hungry attempts at the Presidential Seat Shot. And the conspiracy held sway, thus, the answered prayers of the masses to avert bloodshed and save the Nigeria unity in diversity in the utter contradiction of the dreaded Western prediction (coming from the uno numero world super-power the USA). Truly, beyond religious cleavages, everybody soaked deep in apprehension went on the knees to beckon and besiege the Almighty God to avert a looming mayhem. In honoring this invitation, God lent a positive response to the prayers of the fear-guttered, cowed and very apprehensive masses. How did it go? Firstly, God filliped a burning ambers of conspiracy in the hearts of the so called “progressives” both within the ruling PDP (not Boko Haram) and the opposition APC. While this was being orchestrated, the Boko Haram insurgence (a promise kept indeed at least to make Nigeria ungovernable since 2011 till date) was so fiercely raging and roaring from the volatile North East. Funny enough, the four winds of this earth ensured that the heart of GEJ strengthened like a flint, with both eyes wide open but seeing virtually nothing, both ears widely flipped open but hearing virtually nothing, the nostril so blunt to perceive the putrid odour of betrayal hanging around him like an avalanche, and the mouth held helplessly agape in utter consternation. And the beat goes on, while the fearless masquerades kept their dancing steps warming in practice unto mastery and finally the perfection. Now, the bondage falls, behold, the President GEJ’s own kinsman Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State (GEJ’s homestead) lead the conspirators alongside the Boko Harams that long was acknowledged to have infiltrated the FGN under GEJ as the first target; then, the disgruntled PDP faithful still hovering around the corridors of Aso Rock just like the vultures which already built their shadows in their talons. As the stage was getting set, the general election closes up rapidly, while the Judas Iscariot as the INEC (umpire) boss Jega busied self so much with frivolous reformations and hanky panky innovation that will relay his message of final socio-political betrayal of his own master GEJ whom obviously is no more at home with his fellow party men, cabinet, and even the henchmen in the moribund FGN. To exonerate myself from blasphemy, God knew it all as nothing is actually hidden from Him and nothing happens without His knowledge and permission too. If only the clergy and laity disposed to peruse this write-up will excuse this assertion, the emergence of Gen (rtd) Mohammadu Buhari as the President elect soon to be saddled is not only answered prayer but a saving grace of God to the spiritually sound only. I stand to be corrected. However, the vociferous Gen. (rtd) J.T.U Danjuma confirmed the fears of all and sundry just recently averted by the sudden surrender of GEJ even before the sound of the final whistle from Jega. Interestingly, the dogs and baboons were not soaked in blood anywhere at the moment. Recall, that GEJ as the commander -in-chief of the Armed forces and president of Nigeria has all it takes to have his ways and damn the consequences. Right from the preparation of the election time table, through the voters registration process, to the voter verification and accreditation non-senses, GEJ would have adjusted all the procedure to suit his purposes, which he did not. Why was he able to do so as to emerge the consensus presidential candidate of PDP over and above men of timber and caliber that scrambled for the ticket? Only GEJ has the answer with his God. Was it not possible to set the election timetable to be anytime from June, 2015 when perhaps Prof. Attahiru Jeha (the albatross umpire) and of course the APC hatchet man would have exhausted his legitimate term of office? But, GEJ ignored security report and advice (if any) against ominous signs. So, the conspiracy was resonated in the South East via Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State, who solely championed the strange oriental association with the leftists after successfully selling the fallacious dummy that joining APC is the only option to hook the Igbos on to the national grid. This is quite regrettable. The conspiracy brooded in the South West spreading through the Mid-West, South -South, North-West, North-Central, was finally hatched in the North East. This is the boiling point of the ambitious APC and the melting point of the whittling PDP. The deal is done, though we are not yet as the dead end of it all whereas the erstwhile unholy alliance of the defunct Action Group (AG) and Northern People’s Congress (APC) now appears finally a holy one in APC. What Next?