Okorocha’s privatization Agenda crashes as Concencionaire abandons Water Corporation


West Africa Utilities Metering system and services who took over the running and maintenance of the Imo state Water Corporation for a period of twenty years has abandoned the project in a manner reminiscent to stealing by trick otherwise known as 419.

The Chief executive of the company Mr George Sheen who signed the twenty year agreement with Imo state Government on November 25, 2011 had agreed to maintain and run the Corporation within the agreed twenty years.

According to the agreement, his company was to maintain the equipments within the period, pay staff salaries with a monthly payment of ten million naira N10m to the state government for the next twenty four months.

The agreement further stipulated that the concencionaire is to release an initial down payment of one hundred million naira N100m to state Government.

But in a twist reminiscent to the 419 character, the company four months after signing the contract has disappeared into the thin air leaving the staff of the Corporation to their faith.

The two administrative blocks within the premises which the company gave out for re – roofing was mid – way abandoned after the roof had been completely removed exposing government property including files to the rains.

Imo Trumpeta though gathered that worried about the development that the state government is at the verge of engaging another company who has shown more willingness to take over the running of the Corporation on a lease arrangement.

It is not still clear, but report has it that the state government is weighing the option of a Court action against the Company for breach of Contract and damages.