The saying that winners don’t quit is indeed a reality. No success has ever been recorded by quitters. In addition, no greatness has ever been accomplished by people who abandoned their idea. Historically, all winners are non-quitters in life. It is true that initially they can fail, but in their failing they further reshaped their thoughts for a better future accomplishments in life.


Therefore, winning attitude is a virtue that has to be developed by world changers. These world changers are makers of history and they also create positive news for societal development.


The first principle that works with developing winning attitude is developing vision of life. Vision of life is planned goal(s) to be achieved. They are dream that one wants to champion as to direct the course of history in a positive way. This vision of life is the anchor base of all achievements in life. Dream or vision development must be activated with right values of life.


In addition, in developing a winning attitude one must believe in him or herself. Believing in yourself gives strength and passion to pursue a task. If one believes in himself, he developed the right self esteem to power his dream or vision of life. Self esteem galvanizes self motivation and the strength in us; activating one towards obtaining success in life.


Winning attitude goes with great sense of determination. In this regard, one must have the courage to pursue a task of life. We must align with the Four Cs of courage. These four Cs of courage are courage to begin, courage to continue, courage to finish and courage to sustain. In any project, we must begin (if we do not begin, it can’t work), we must continue (if we do not continue, the project stops), we must finish the task (if we stop on the way the task is over) and finally if we do not sustain the task (all the efforts made are now wasted). If there is no sustainability growth, future developments stops; hence possible accomplishments are stopped on the way.


All known persons who excelled in life persevered to succeed. PersistenceNapoleon Hill; the great author says “Truly if one has persistence one can get along very well without other qualities”. The person who perseveres in a task must win. To conquer ups and downs of life endavours, one must develop persevering spirit; the drive to achieve. Men and women have had their dream aborted because they lacked the persevering virtue of life, thus perseverance is an attitude that must be developed by a heart desirous to succeed.


In addition, time is a resource; hence management of time must be effectively being put into proper action. We all have 24 hours a day; and this 24 hours is a scarce commodity. Speaking on time Pastor Thomas Dexter Jakes writes “Time is our most valuable resource because it cannot be reproduced or replicated. Once it’s gone, it’s gone”. A second lost, a minute lost; talk less hours lost cannot be regained back. It is said that you can recover millions of dollars lost, but you cannot recover several hours lost. Therefore a winning attitude must plan for effective utilization of the available time with great discipline.


In addition, to all of the above, hard work must be embraced as a factor towards developing a winning attitude. Hard work is the action or activity we put in towards realizing our vision or dream of life. To excel, we must work hard. Hard work breaks barriers and successes recorded with time. However, if we have sense of purpose, then hard work is better appreciated.