Ngor Okpala APC on Fire Over Suspension of Okenze Obinna



The relative peace that existed in All Progressive Congress, APC, in Ngor Okpala Local Government Area, Imo State, has been shattered with the suspension of Okenze Sylvester Obinna from the party.

According to information reaching Trumpeta, the after-effect of suspension of Obinna is set to spiral the crisis out of control, as those in the camp of Okenze Obinna have resolved to fight back.

It would be recalled that Okenze Obinna was a few days ago suspended from the party indefinitely from his Nguru/Umuowa Ward 6 over allegations bordering on antiparty activities, which has not be denied or confirmed by Okenze.

In the said suspension, the entire Ward Officers of the Ward signed the document, including the Local Government Organizing Secretary of the party, Mr Kajetan Akuta.

However, the silence which has remained the only information emanating from the Okenze Obinna camp since after the said suspension has thrown confusion into the party, since Obinna has not made any official statement yet.

The recent quiet and calm in the camp of Obinna after the “coup” which many see as a ploy to “embarrass the Big Man” has rather put his opponents on their toes, as many believe that Okenze will certainly react soon.

It is this awaiting reaction from the Okenze camp that has spelt apprehension that has enveloped Ngor Okpala APC now.

Sources said that soon, Ngor Okpala APC may be thrown into war, as one of the major camps of the party in the LGA has been humiliated, because the suspension slammed on Okenze is a big slap to the camp he belongs too.

Trumpeta learnt that the latest development in Ngor Okpala APC is a tacit confrontation against the “New APC Members” by the core and original APC followers, who believe that the “New APC Members” just arrived to wrestle power from the “Originals” who have been in the party before Okenze and his Group arrived.

It would be recalled that Okenze Obinna recently joined the APC from PDP, where he was the Apex Leader of PDP in the LGA.

As Okenze moved his Tent to APC, he pulled along with him the member representing Ngor Okpala in the House of Assembly, Hon Obinna Egu. Okenze Emii Nkwota, Okenze Ogbariogwu and Okenze Uche Okafor, all strong members of Ngor Okpala PDP.

However, as these new Heavy Weights were moving into APC, there were already enriched hegemony in the party with the likes of Dr TOE Ekechi, Attorney Mattew Nwogu, until Sir George Eche, the present Secretary to Imo State Government joined party politics.

Therefore, the Apex Leader of APC in Ngor Okpala is Eche who holds the highest political office from the LGA.

Under this circumstance, Okenze Obinna who used to be the number one Leader in PDP, had to now bow to Eche.

Source said that Okenze’s arrival tried to ruffle the existing status quo, who stood their ground and maintained that the existing leadership structure of Ngor Okpala APC anchored on Eche must remain intact.

This scenario was said not to be comfortable with Okenze and his Group with Obinna, who still see himself as the Apex Leader, as it used to be when he was in PDP.

Within a short time, Okenze Obinna began gaining loyalists among the exist organogram, which sources said may have led to his present predicament sampled with the recent suspension from the Ward, to see how he will react, before the main sledge hammer lands.

But Trumpeta learnt that despite how Okenze may be cowed now, he is bound to react and when he does, the roof of Ngor Okpala APC will shake to the foundation.

Meanwhile, members of the opposition political parties; APGA and PDP have be jubilating over the recent crisis tearing APC apart in the LGA with the suspension of Okenze Obinna who was respected when he was in PDP, but voluntarily chose to pitch tent with APC where he is treated with ignominy now.