Defanging Boko Haram


It is a welcome development that the federal government and Northern Governors’ Forum, NGF have taken steps to end the Boko Haram insurgency in parts of the country.  The former is subscribing to discussions on the matter while the latter has set up a peace committee to address the state of insecurity created by the Islamic bloody sect.

Its terms of reference include the restoration of the much desired peaceful co – existence, unity and development of the entire Northern region.  The committee is studded with Nigerians of diverse backgrounds like traditional rulers, the clergy including christians, the academics, and retired military officers among others.

Not long ago, an Abia state Monarch, HRH Eze Uwadiegwu Ogbonnaya, Ojim 1 of Umuanyi autonomous community in Uturu urged secular and non secular leaders in the North to champion the search for an end to the state of siege perpetuated by the Islamic violent sect.

The royal father reminded his Northern peers that going by history, the theocracy being forcibly advocated by Boko Haram may someday sweep away the Caliphate and the Emirate system in parts of the North.

Eze Ogbonnaya drew inferences from similar radical uprisings inIran,EgyptandLibyawhere otherwise stable regimes were outrageously booted out.  The Monarch recalled how in 1979, Islamic Revolution in Iran toppled and exiled the Shahs’ dynasty just as King Farouk of Egypt in 1952 lost out after series of military backed insurgency.  In much the same way, the fiery Muaman Ghadaffi ofLibyain 1969 seized power from King Idris in a bloody coup.

The task before the committee is enormous because of the raison d’etre for the bloody insurrection which is the islamization of the country and thereby ends its secularism.

The Northern Governors’ Forum must have opted for a solution to the carnage because of the latest twist in the campaign of terror.

Not long ago, a former commissioner in Borno state, Alhaji Abdulkadir Kaasa was gunned down in a dawn attack in his home.  The assassination came barely 48hours after the Emir of Fika had survived a suicide attack in which his police orderly was shot dead.  The faceless sect claimed responsibility for the attack.

Frankly, total islamization has not flourished in any country of the world.  EvenSaudi Arabia, the citadel of islamic religion has pockets of other faiths and nothing is being done to squeeze and snuff them out.

Two countries,IndonesiaandBrazilhave the greatest number of Muslims and Catholics respectively in the world yet, other minority religions co – exist with the two powerful colossus.  Even the embattled State of Israel has Jews accounting for 56 per – cent of its population with 33 and 11 percent as Muslims and Christianss.

No matter how long it takes nemesis to square up with the godless gangsters, the blood of their innocent victims will continue to haunt them till the end of time.

It is just like, Adolph Hitler’s road map to rid the world of Jews and Jewish blood within the dreaded holocaust years.  Hitler failed woefully in his campaign to accomplish this as the hunted Jews preferred walking into the scorching flames to be roasted to being caught alive by the German death squads.