Guber Ticket: Araraume, Madumere, Ejiogu Put Allied Forces Camp In Tight Corner . As Imo APC Stakeholders Meet in Abuja to Choose Consensus Candidates For Elective Position

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By Thompson Agu, Abuja

The leadership of the Allied Forces; a coalition of Imo APC stakeholders are in a quadmire over the choice of who becomes the groups flagbearer for the coveted office of the governor in 2019, Trumpeta can now report.

As at the time of this report, top shots of the group, comprising members of the Imo APC stakeholders forum, are yet to reach a compromise on who to give support for to get the party’s ticket for elective office ahead the next election.

A group of APC leaders in Imo State had found themselves in the coalition group to resist attempts by Governor Rochas Okorocha to foist his son in-law and Chief of Staff, Chief Uche Nwosu on Imolites as successor through the party’s vehicle. The group mobilized themselves and overcame the governor during the primaries.

With less than 60 days to end the primaries which would lead to the selection candidates for various positions, Trumpeta learnt that the stakeholders are planning for a concensus candidates for all positions beginning from the governorship to that of the House of Assembly, ahead next year election.

Our reporter who is monitoring the proceedings in Abuja reveal that the desire of the Allied Forces to have a concensus is to avoid internal schism calpable of breaking their unity of purpose, which had been their back bone.

A leader of the party spotted in Abuja on Wednesday told Trumpeta “we are already in Abuja for a meeting to choose our flagbearers for all positions.

“Because we have common enemies in Okorocha and his followers, we have decided to meet and reinforce our unity of purpose. You know how we were formed. We came from different structural campaign divides and political camps to wage war against the governor. Having come this far, it is important to consolidate our gains so as to finish the battle against him well. Part of the tactics is to operate as one body irrespective personal of interest.

“We are very much aware many of the coalition members have interest which hinges in 2019 elective positions. There is need to harmonize to ensure there are concensus candidates to avoid internal bickering and complaints calpable of splitting the group” the source offered.

Trumpeta findings reveal that the major task before the coalition forces is on the issue of who becomes the flagbearer of the office of the governor where three names are on the table as toppers for consideration.

A grapevine source further disclosed that Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, embattled Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere who is facing impeachment form members of the Imo State House of Assembly and the former Secretary to the Imo State Government, Chief Jude Ejiogu are highly favoured on the list of those tipped for consideration.

This newspaper has it on good authority that the interest of Senator Osita Izunaso who is battling to regain his position as the National Organizing Secretary of the party in Abuja, at gaining the groups nod to become the governorship candidate is no longer winning gaining support because of his Orlu zone background and renewed fight to regain his national position.

It was learnt that the Allied Forces are mindful of the Charter of Equity that does not favour Orlu zone persons where Izunaso hails from, to concentrate on other aspirants from Owerri and Okigwe zones.

Senator Ifeanyi Araraume’s ambition is causing ripples in the camp as majority of the leaders in the group are said to be advocating for him for due his ability to prosecute the election if handed the ticket for the election. Apart from having a strong measure of support from the APC stakeholders drawn from the three zones, the two-time senator of Okigwe zone is also said to have strong contacts at the federal levels to back the coalition into subduing Okorocha in the coming primaries of APC.

A factor considered for tipping Araraume as one of those listed for possible nomination, is his followership which cuts across the other zones than his Okigwe senatorial District. The Senator is said to parade strong backers from Owerri zone and Orlu zones drumming support for his adoption as the concensus candidate. His financial muscle exhibited in the course of the battle against Rescue Mission and ability to execute the capital intensive project was not also overlooked as his rich knowledge of election terrain related to governorship contest was also considered

The embattled Madumere before members of the House agreed to impeach him was one of the favourities to gain the support of the coalition. Aside from his Owerri zone background favoured for governorship, the Deputy Governor is said to be enjoying the support of former loyalists of the governor who dumped the Rescue Mission for the coalition.

Majority of the ex Okorocha appointees and former surrogates in the Allied Forces camp trace their power to Madumere who is also said to draw inspiration from some powerful personalities of APC at the national level including serving governor’s.

What may however affect his chances is the current impeachment hammer posed at him by the House of Assembly. The coalition members are not comfortable with the situation as they may have to seek a means to allow him get out of trouble first before handing him the concensus ticket for governorship. Latest report from the group also has it that the governorship slot may be accorded to him as consolatory grant should be scale the hurdle and considering what he suffered in the process of fighting on the side of those against his master of many years during the congresses.

The last but not the least on those marked for consideration is Sir Ejiogu. Considerable members of the Allied Forces are strongly behind him because of quality and content to govern the State, he is said to posses. Trumpeta gathered that the coalition are not leaving behind the desire to present a likeable candidate the generality of Imolites, irrespective of party platform will accept and vote for in the main election. Ejiogu falls in this category and is said to be receiving support from some of the groups kingpins for the governorship ticket.

The choice of who becomes the governorship flagbearer, according to reports remain the albatross to the continued existence of the Allied Forces.


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