Prof Ekwerike: Vote ANRP, In 52 Days Imo Will Sing A New Song .Promise To Include Journalists, Media Practitioners In Government Budget

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By: Amaechi Kingsley

The governorship candidate of the Abundant Renewal Party ANRP in Imo, Prof Alphonsus Njoku Ekwerike has guaranteed that Imolites will begin to hive sigh of relieve and reap the benefit good of governance 52 days after been sworn into the office of the governor of Imo state this year.

The Owerri North Governorship hopeful said this shortly after his arrival from the United State of America where he signed memorandum of understanding with 28 world renowned industrialists, investors, chambers of commerce, innovators and health organizations who had disclosed their readiness to invest in Imo as soon as Prof Ekwerike is sworn-in to office.

The award recipient of “Talented Professionals cum Old Boys Association 98′ set of Emmanuel College” and the adopted governorship candidate of Legacy Party of Nigeria LPN, revealed that his commitment towards rebuilding Imo state to a strong and viable one is highly precedented as his unalloyed intention to serve Imo state through the best support and mandate of Imo people remains sacrosanct.

The inventor of STEM invention technology, explained that an important variable in rebuilding Imo, giving the youths sense of pride, the ability to showcase and earn from their talents is through an all inclusive government which be termed “Decimal politics”.

The only governorship candidate globally recognized for his research findings with a specialized professional course that earned him a certificate on African political system, the exposure of why African democracy fails and how proper application of postulated resolution can be made productive in the Imo state system of governance, pointed out that his desire to achieve a five point agenda of Innovation (invention technology program), Education (agricultural development), Employment (economic growth), Security (welfare and health) and Infrastructure, is Paramount.

Prof Ekwerike assures that a vote for ANRP in Imo governorship contest would resolve the political challenges faced in the state and create an enabling environment for all sectors to thrive.

According Prof Ekwerike, “I am ready to serve Imolites to the best of my innovative abilities, with my invented STEM invention technology program. There is a new discipline in Neuroscience called Cognitive Neurosquatemetry, this would guarantee one an inventor in the shortest possible time which equally guarantees to making Imo state an innovative hub of Africa”, he concluded.

Meanwhile, Professor Alphonsus Njoku Ekwerike has promised to give Journalists and media practitioners a special place in his government if he is elected in 2019, noting that Journalists in the state are not giving proper attention, as he frowned at the way journalists are treated in Nigeria.

According to him, ”Here in Nigeria there is something lacking, where is the place of the press in Nigeria politics, unlike in advanced countries, I discovered that the press has no place in Nigeria politics. Media is the first in my manifesto, to put it where it belongs and where It should be protected. One of my plans is to change how journalists are treated in Nigeria. If the country is to grow, responsibilities should be placed in the shoulders of the press. Journalists should be included in the budget. I want to use Imo state as a prototype. I want to build an institution for the press. I have this passion for the press. They should not be something of backyard and neglect “, he submitted.

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