LETTER Abuse of prayers



Dear editor,

My residence is close to the warehouse of casket makers in Owerri alongOld Market Road. These men who work in this department of death indulge in many things except fighting at the warehouse .One of their main sources of happiness is the smoking of Indian hemp on daily basis.

But of all these, the most objectionable is their morning prayer sessions. I think they engaged one of the mobile preachers for the purpose.  The theme is God’s favour for the day.  They petition God to bless and prosper the product of their hands, being the only source of their daily bread.

Assuming that God grants this request and people begin to die in large numbers, is this not abuse of freedom of worship? While everybody including government at various levels want and pray for low mortality rate, these casket makers implore the heavenly father to bless the work of their hands with abundance, in this case more casket sales.

On several occasions, I was tempted to disorganize the prayer sessions because no one knows who will be their next customer.  I was pretty afraid to do this because these heavily-muscled young men can crush any intruder like palm kernel.  I later realized that being drug addicts, they may not reason like human beings but like animals.

Ojo Ihem