How Man Who Stole Araraume’s Handbag Containing $27, 000 Dollars Worth Wristwatches Was Caught


By Samuel Ibezim

Details of how the man who stole the handbag of Senator Ifeanyi Araraume in an air craft was caught at Owerri Hotel have emerged.

Araraume, the APGA candidate for the 2019 governorship election had a disturbed session last weekend after disembarking from an aeroplane at the Sam Mbakwe Airport, Owerri.

According to  details our reporter gathered, Friday, August 2, was a day of reckoning for an unidentified  suspected thief (name withheld) who made away with the hand bag of Senator Ifeanyi Ararume, , as he was caught at Rockview Hotel, Owerri by Princess Miriam Odinaka Onuoha, who was in the flight.

Speaking to Trumpeta reporter on the incidence, Princess Onuoha, All Progressives Congress, APC candidate for Okigwe North Federal Constituency in last general election, said that she boarded business class section of Air Peace flight with Sen. Araraume, alongside the nabbed culprit. That few minutes after arrival at Owerri airport, Araraume started looking for his hand bag after his aides took his luggage to a bus that will convey them to VIP section of the airport. His complaint to the airport officials on the missing of the bag warranted a thorough search for it but was not found, some of them confirmed seeing a man carrying a similar bag as was described, whom they thought was one of the aides of Araraume. Then, a check at the information on the manifest of  passengers that boarded the business class, showed that the culprit gave fake information and documents.

Continuing, Princess Onuoha who is popularly known as Mama SURE-P, upon arrival to Rockview Hotel from the airport to spend the night, she spotted the suspect with the bag and confronted him over ownership having identified his face as a passenger in the flight. The suspect first denied boarding same flight and claimed that the bag belongs to him. Not satisfied with his explanation, Princess covertly notified her security aides and the hotel security to put a watch on the man as she called Sen. Araraume to describe the bag identity. On confirming it, she asked the security to watch him closely until Araraume arrived to reclaim his stolen bag. The Commissioner of Police was called by Araraume; who ordered for the suspect’s arrest, for further interrogation as he was allegedly whisked off to the State Criminal Investigation Department.

However, Orlando Ikokwu, Imo State Police Public Relation Officer, PPRO, said as at the press time that the case has not been officially reported to him. That he will call to know which of the Police station or division that is handling the case.

The handbag, Trumpeta leant has some valuables including three wrist watches, each cost is said to be about $9,000.