How Man Who Lost Bet Game Hung Himself


By Tochi Onyeubi

A native of Umuoba, Uratta in Owerri North Local Government Area of Imo State, has committed suicide following his inability to foot his wife’s hospital bill.

Ulari as the deceased was popularly called, it was learnt borrowed money for payment of medical bill of his wife who put to bed, but instead of depositing the part payment, went to a betting shop instead to double the money.

Trumpeta learnt that, to his shock, the money was lost in the betting game, which apparently prompted him to take his life.

It was learnt that the amount the hospital charged to release the woman after the child birth was higher than the amount he borrowed hence he went to the bet game to possibly get more money which became impossible.

The action sent shock waves to residents of Uratta, especially those on Toronto junction road, who were shocked to discover the lifeless body of the young man, hung on one of the trees with dangling legs.

Those who were familiar with the deceased during his lifetime expressed surprise at the sad development as few recalled that they were together at a viewing centre in the locality during last weekend’s EPL matches.

Until his death he was said to be a football enthusiast who fancied Arsenal club of London and took his time to watch matches on television.