Six Months After Ihedioha Begins Reconstruction of Bad Roads Okorocha Built .As Road Contractors Take Over Owerri Damaged Roads

Against earlier claims of the immediate past governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha that his successor won’t build or do projects again in the State, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha has commenced reconstruction of roads Okorocha created.
Trumpeta correspondents monitoring developments in Imo State have noticed that following the poor conditions of the roads Okorocha built that are distasteful conditions, his successor has commenced the reconstructions.
At the Okorocha -named Sirleaf Johnson road that crosses from Irete end of Onitsha road to Amakaohia housing estate to the new office of the DSS in Owerri, earth moving equipment and construction worker were spotted at the location undertaking construction works.
This newspaper can recall that the new road named after the former Liberian president collapsed few months after it was constructed by the Okorocha administration. Apart from developing potholes, the road that serves as another by pass from Onitsha road to Akwakuma/Amakohia collapsed and was in bad shape when Ihedioha came into power on May 29, 2019.
As the rains tormented the roads, it became worse and turned death trap to motorists. The two kilometer road needed instant rehabilitation which may have prompted the Ihedioha administration to move in.
Other roads like the Inland Roads built by Okorocha are also receiving serious attention by the Ihedioha government.
It will be recalled that during the Okorocha era, he was accused of constructing sub standard roads branded “China roads”.  Imolites predicted they would stand the test or time.
From what is happening now, Imo people have been proved right.