Trumpeta Puts Disclaimer To CBN Fake Vacancy Advert

The attention of Trumpeta Newspaper Management has been drawn to a fictitious message circulating in Emails, Wasap Groups, Facebook etc by a faceless organization urging the gullible public to apply for job opportunities in the Central Bank of Nigeria, Owerri Branch.
In the said Advertorial, the Interested candidates were directed to TRUMPETA NEWSPAPER Edition of Tuesday, December 3, page 2.
However, such advert does not only exist on the page and edition quoted by the scammers, but TRUMPETA has not ran any advert for Central Bank of Nigeria on any of its editions this year.
Therefore, the general public are by this publication alerted to be careful not to be lured into fictitious job opportunities by faceless Groups. TRUMPETA washes its hands off any such adverts meant to scam unsuspecting job seekers.