Certificate Saga In Imo Assembly: I am Ready To Defend Myself-Says Speaker

Once again, the Speaker of Imo House of Assembly, Rt Hon Chiji Collins has sounded it loud and clear that anybody who has iota of facts that he did not graduate from a Roman University should step forward or forever shut his/her mount.
The Speaker also repeated that he has increased from Five Thousand, to Ten thousand for flight ticket to Rome, whoever wishes to go and verify if he truly studied in Rome.
The Chief Lawmaker made this disclosure in his office at the Imo House of Assembly complex while receiving Imo Newspaper Publishers Association, INPA led by Hon Henry Ekpe who paid him a visit on Wednesday.
The Speaker who addressed the Publishers, expressed his dismay that a Newspaper among the Publishers made the contentious Publication, pointing out that he is not against Journalists doing their job, but he however appealed that Newspapers must publish facts, as destroying peoples character without facts is not professional.
Speaker Chiji Collins reiterated that  he is ever ready any day to answer questions regarding  his  academic qualifications, lamenting that it is very unfortunate how Imo people like destroying their bests, adding that he is held in high esteem among the comity of Speakers in Nigeria, but only in Imo that he is insulted and abused.
He said that he began his political career in 1993, and the same certificates he forwarded then were the same he has, and wondered why it is now that his political opponents dictated these false allegations.
The Speaker warned that pull him down syndrome begets retaliations, because no man will allow others destroy him and only to live in regret without fighting back, advising those whose stock in trade is to destroy others to remember that there is a tomorrow.
The Chief Lawmaker said that the 9th Imo House of Assembly is equipped with youthful Legislators who know their onions, pointing out that the House work tireless for the development of Imo State.
Speaker Chiji said that the cordial synergy existing between the Executive and the Legislature in Imo State is being reaped by the Populace through good laws that have today affected the lives of Imo citizens positively.
He maintained that the present Imo House of Assembly is populated by men and women whose main target is to see that their constituents enjoy the dividends of democracy than their own person aggrandizement.
“I am proud to be the Speaker of this set of serious-minded and patriotic Lawmakers. It is the cooperations of my colleagues that this House has achieved so much in terms of Motions, Bills and Laws within such a short time” he said.