Covid-19 Prevention: Imolites Decry Soldiers Brutality On Owerri Streets, Want Government Intervention


By Okey Alozie
A handful of residents of Imo State have condemned the brutality meted to innocent people, especially in the state capital by security agencies, deployed to enforce government policies.
Since the Imo State government through announcement by the governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma announced some measures which include closure of markets, motor parks and social gatherings, security agencies especially soldiers have flooded the streets.
What is appalling to the people remains that instead of protecting the people, the soldiers attack and brutalise innocent persons.
A lawyer based in Owerri took to his Facebook page to condemn the deployment of soldiers which he accused of molesting and assaulting innocent Nigerians in Owerri as a way of fighting coronavirus. According to the lawyer, Emperor Iwuala, “currently, Owerri is recording more human abuses as a result of this fight from security agencies. This is respectfully abuse of the Nigerian military and very unlawful act indeed”.
Going further, he said that government had not got enough palliative measures to support the poor masses.
His post has generated enough reaction from the residents of the state who gives account of sordid ordeals in the hands of the soldiers.
A medical doctor who it is not important to mention his name also gave an unpalatable account of soldiers molested parents rushing their sick child to a hospital at Housing junction on Porthacourt road, Owerri, where they soldiers blocked the road and restricted movements.
The people called for government intervention before the soldiers kill innocent citizens in the process.
Our reporters observed that in World Bank Estate, a group claiming to be government agents stormed the place to collect goods especially food items like garri, rice, beans and other thing that were meant for sell.
It was gathered that big shop owners at Control Post and other strategic areas were on Wednesday victimized as their goods were seized. Only those who gave some tips got their items released. Those who did not pay any kobo did not get their materials back.