Uzodinma May Sack Appointees Over Huge Salary Wage Bill .As SA, SSAs, Others Lobby For Appointment Letters, Office


Indications are that the Governor of Imo State Senator Hope Uzodinma is toying with the idea of doing away with some of his Aides, as their salaries have over-shot the State’s expenditure level to an unimaginable proportion.
According to information available to Trumpeta, the Governor who used the opportunity to make appointments to accommodate those who worked for him during his campaign period as much as possible, has come to the realization that to pay the legion of his Aides is a problem.
Sources told Trumpeta that to pay over one hundred Aides will gulp millions of naira, which is lacking now following the Economic meltdown caused globally by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Trmpeta was told that the Governor did the appointment out of his own good will to accommodate and create jobs for Imo people but the situation now is financially dicey.
Our sources said that this could be the reason the Governor was yet to give appointment letters or even assign the Aides portforlios, two months after they were inaugurated under pump and pageantry.
The source maintained that the Governor may not sack all of them but will do away those whose offices are already duplicated, as most Aides of the Governor are carrying out similar assignments, which may lead to clashes.
The sources told Trumpeta that for instance, the Governor has a Commissioner for Special Duties, as well as Special Adviser and Senior Special Adviser on special Duties.
“For instance there is a Commissioner for Special Projects and SSA on projects. Now you ask, what is the difference between “Special Project and projects?” the source asked.
Already, most of the appointees who have roamed about endlessly now for two months without assigned jobs and most of them are said to have left for their previous jobs or bases to pick appointments while those among them who are professional politicians without means of livelihood are always seen loitering around at State Secretariat or in the offices of some of their colleagues who have been assigned jobs.
About a month ago, the Appointees after getting frustrated held a meeting in Owerri where they vowed to confront the Governor to either assign them portfolios or send them home.
But after the meeting many of them chickened out as they could not have the guts to face the governor.
Recently, Trumpeta learnt that the Appointees were yet again warming up to resign enmasse, which Trumpeta told them was not possible, since their first meeting and threats collapsed.
Meanwhile, Imo people have expressed embarrassment over the issue, as they reason that the situation is causing Imo State imagine problem, not only to the Governor Uzodinma.
They wondered how a Governor could inaugurate his Aides for two months without assigning them positions.
However, while speaking to Journalists in Owerri, Dr EJK Onyewuchi, chairman of Imo Elders Council said there was not wrong if the Governor was not ready yet to assign portfolios to his Aides, provided he has not sacked them yet, and will pay them in the end.
A source from Government House Owerri who pleaded anonymity said that even though the best option would have been to sack the Aides since they are many in number, but the Governor cannot afford to do that now because of its political implications and the bad image it will cause his administration.