Plan To Use Security Agencies Stop Frequent Pensioners Demonstration In Imo Uncovered


A grand design believed to be perfected by Security Agencies in Imo State, aimed at stopping unpaid Pensioners hitting the streets again for protests has been uncovered.
Pensioners in the State have developed the habit of regular protests on Owerri streets which usually terminates at Government House Gate, Owerri.
In the last count, about five protests had been organized by the retirees under the umbrella of Pensioners Intervention Committee, PIC.
Trumpeta learnt that apparently embarrassed by the constant protests, the State Government may have reached out to Security Agencies for help. Part of the measures, this newspaper learnt, was the invitation of the Leaders of the PIC by the DSS.
It was gathered that before the last protest of the pensioners in Owerri, the Leader of PIC, was invited and kept for hours after questioning.
Though Trumpeta didn’t get the details but, the newspaper was reliably informed that the PIC leader was asked to keep away from pension struggles and warned not to disrupt peace in the State by bringing out his members on the streets again.
The plot to use Security Agencies almost worked out when the Pensioner Intervention Committee PIC Leader kept away from the last protest.
It was learnt that the use of security agencies is to keep away the PIC Leaders from allowing their members protest.