Planned Hosting Of Uzodinma: Owerri Zone APC Leaders Under Fire


A Socio-political Organization by name MAKA ODINMA OWERRI, has lampooned the All Progressive Congress APC Leaders in Owerri Zone for planning a reception for Governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma.

In a press Release signed by the Publicity Secretary of the Organization, Chief Engr Sam Egere, MAKA ODINMA OWERRI sympathized with the so called Owerri zone APC Leaders for losing their sense of reasoning in pursuance of self-serving attitude, sycophancy and loss of memory for not being abreact with history.

The Group wondered how it could be Owerri Zone APC, out of the three political Zones in the State, that is falling over one another and fighting over hosting Governor Uzodinma to a reception, when his own Orlu Zone is not contemplating such move much more Okigwe Zone.

The Group described those planning the Reception as Lazy and targeting whatever peanut they may get from the Governor.

“It indeed mystifies our cerebral instinct why these bunch of political dramatists from Owerri Zone are the first Group of people in the State to think of organizing such a tragicomical hogwash” the Release said.

MAKA ODINMA OWERRI went on to query the qualities exhibited by the Governor in the last Nine months that would warrant any sensible Group in Imo State to worry about according Uzodinma a Civic Reception.

The Group said that Uzodinma has impoverished Imo people, and has made a mess of Democratic ethos, and therefore needs no Civic Reception, but Advise on how to lift Imo out of the Social, Political and Economic pit he has thrown the State into.

“To us, there is no justificatory morality whatsoever, in organizing any civic reception in honour of Gov Hope Uzodinma. Since Eight months Hope Uzodinma became Governor through “Ben Johnson” means Imo has been trapped in the debris of Administration summersault”. It said.

The Body said that these visionless Owerri APC Leaders should rather ask Uzoidnma to fix Owerri roads that have turned to traps, adding that these were same roads whose contracts were already signed before Uzodinma came to office but has abandoned all of them.

The Organization maintained that it was not surprise with the caliber of Owerri APC Leaders spearheading the obnoxious Reception, adding that one of them Chief Charles Amadi (Charlvon) cannot be trusted, as he was the person who formed OZOPOLF, an organization he used to sabotage Owerri Governorship in  2015, after he used the organization to milk unsuspecting real Owerri Sons and Daughters.

“No wonder they are shamelessly conducting themselves in a spineless manner, clutching unto any available straw to seek for attention. Who does not know Charlvon?” MAKA ODINMA OWERRI asked.