Dec 4th, 2020 Bye- Election: Nlemigbo Led Imo APC Exco Opt For Option B . If Araraume Becomes Party’s Candidate


As the date rescheduled for the conduct of the bye-election for Okigwe Senatorial zone, (Imo North), approaches, the leadership of the APC in Imo State is said to be restless at the moment.
Reason, the faction controlled by Chief Marcon Nlemigbo, receiving backing from the administration of Hope Uzodinma, is not at ease, following the emergence of Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, as winner of the party’s ticket, through the judgment of the court.
Trumpeta notes that Araraume is not in the political lineage of the factional Exco led by Nlemigbo. Instead, the State exco is said to be interested in the candidature of Frank Ibezim, who was originally declared winner before he was removed by court for Araraume to be listed by INEC.
It was learnt that the recent Federal High Court, Owerri decision that threw off Ibezim is disturbing the party in the state, prompting the plan for Option B.
Available information to this newspaper has it that what is motivating the Nlemigbo led team to opt for another plan was Wednesday’s court ruling that denied Ibezim the opportunity to obtain a Stay of Execution Order stopping order INEC from recognizing Araraume for the Dec 5, 2020 election.
The court couldn’t grant Ibezim’s prayers in the last hearing. Rather the matter was adjourned to Monday.
Outcome of the court concerning the request of the Stay of Execution, it was learnt ruffled feathers in the state party.
Further information has it that the party is tinkering another formula to hold the sway should the final outcome of the Appeal didn’t favour Ibezim.
It couldn’t be confirmed if concensus for adoption of another candidate from a different party has been reached, but there are reports of unconfirmed romance with the APGA candidate.
Trumpeta was told that the best option won’t be made public now until the dying minutes of the contest.