Finally, Imo Governor Reconciles Charlvon, Uzoma Obiyor


While Imo State boils, the Governor of Imo State, Chief Hope Uzodinma who now resides in Abuja, has used the time to reconcile two top Allies of his Government who have been at each others, jugular for months now.
Trumpeta Newspaper was reliably informed that the Imo State Governor delved into the squabble between Chiefs Charles Amadi (Charlvon) and Uzoma Obiyor.
Sources told this Newspaper that the reconciliation meeting took place at Imo Government Lodge, Asokoro, Abuja , where Uzodinma settled both men after they explained their grievances against each other.
For three weeks now, the Obiyor/Amadi war had dominated the Imo Airwaves, as both Business men cum politicians fought each other in a verbal war that has raged until Uzodinma came into the trouble.
Trumpeta learnt that Uzodinma had to settle both men as a prelude to various reconciliations that may follow in Imo, whenever he arrives the State.
Obiyor and Amadi have been fighting over the control of Mbaike clan comprising of Ikeduru and Mbaitoli LGAs.
But Trumpeta learnt that they are warring over their Ward, and Ikeduru LGA, not Mbaitoli LGA.
To make matters worse, both men are from same Ward: Eziama/Ugurike/Okwu in Ikeduru LGA.
Trumpeta learnt that the bone of contention is who should be anointed as the Apex Leader of All Progressive Congress, APC in the Ward, and LGA.
As at the time of going to Press, Trumpeta was yet to know who Governor Uzodinma has penciled down, between the two gladiators to be the Apex Leader.
This Newspaper learnt that Obiyor swore that Charles Amadi cannot be his political Leader, while Amadi said over his dead body would he work under Obiyor as his Leader.
Trumpeta was told that politically, Amadi was ahead of Obiyor, but the problem Amadi  has is the issue of acceptance by Ikeduru people.
Trumpeta learnt that Ikeduru people do not trust Amadi to lead them, since they know him for not being “Predictable” as he can ditch his followers at the drop of a pin.
“Charlvon has more political experience than Obiyor, but the problem is, can you trust your Leader?” Trumpeta was asked by one of Ikeduru APC top shot.
Trumpeta was told that Amadi’s political track records are dogged with inconsistencies which call his political pedigree to question.
“Chalvon disappointed Owerri Zone in 2015 with OZOPOLF, he shocked Okorocha and Uche Nwosu in 2019. So, even Uzodinma does not believe in him, but only playing along because he needs supporters now” Trumpeta was told.
However, the problem with Obiyor, it was learnt, is his unseriousness to playing politics as “He has one leg in his business, and the other in politics, which distracts his attention from both” Trumpeta was told.
The general concensus is that, APC in Ikeduru should fish for another Apex Leader, than Obiyor or Amadi, as choosing any of them will cause crisis that may be difficult to be resolved in Ikeduru APC.
Meanwhile, a source said that Governor Uzodinma would want either Obiyor or Amadi to head APC in Ikeduru, but presently is in a quagmire on who to choose between the two.