Okigwe Zone: When PDP Stands Still for Okewulonu


The grand reception that is  being organized by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Okigwe Zone, for Chief Emmanuel Okewulonu (Ikeoha), is one of the many strategic thoughtful  plans that consistently positions  the party as unbeatable and a popular choice for  any serious politician. 

Chief Emmanuel Okewulonu,  who has gradually metamorphosed  into the  face  of a new political era in Okigwe Zone, was the party’s standard bearer  during the  2020  Imo North Senatorial District bye-election. 

Backed by mighty PDP warriors of Okigwe Zone extraction, he  battled against the combined political forces of money bags, serving minister and incumbent powers of   the  state and federal  governments but came out  unscathed. 

His unwavering determination during the election period and  dogged pursuit of his mandate after the election, speak volume of his character, also  re-enforced the unassailable strength of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.  

 Despite the unconscionable attempt by destructive elements of the ruling party and their allies to destroy, demean, balkanize, demonize  and run-down the party, Chief Emmanuel Okewulonu and his tactical invigorated PDP team soared higher.  

Contrary to expectations and inspite of the insidious handiwork of transducers,  PDP which was already a house hold name for the right reasons, became more entrenched in the hearts of not only the good people of Okigwe Zone, but in the hearts of every  Imo indigene who followed the electioneering process. 

In fact, the Peoples Democratic Party sterling achievements during the Imo North senatorial district bye-election, defied  all logic and political permutation. 

Especially when viewed from the point that prior to the election, some  key party stalwarts, especially from Okigwe Zone,  who have  penchant for betrayal and materialism sold out and defected  to the ruling All Progressive Congress Party-APC. 

Their exit however, revealed their nothingness and political liabilities.

PDP still won in the booths of these men.   The election simple proved  that they were  dispensable big names without electoral value. 

Of course, that was made possible by the political  sagacity, temerity, character and strength of Chief Emmanuel Enyeribeyem onyegayem  Okewulonu (Ikeoha),  the party’s  standard bearer. 

Chief Ikeoha himself couldn’t have achieved such feat without the unyielding  coverage of the big Umbrella-PDP,  whose leadership at all level,  under Engr Charles Ugwu, transversed  the nooks and crannies of Okigwe Zone to market their good products.

It was an election that Chief Ikeoha and the party went prepared. The result was resounding. 

Particular mention must be made of His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha , whose administration transformed Imo within the 7 months he was governor.  

His  landmark achievements and workable  template became a unique selling point for Chief Emmanuel Okewulonu’s team as their campaign train moved round the zone.

 Also, the active involvement of the  political master strategist and  leader of leaders  in Okigwe Zone, Chief Barr. Chris Okewulonu (Ebekuo), who  with other PDP leaders , threw their  heavy weight into the   political battle field became tonic for electoral success.  

No wonder it became obviously dangerous for the rigging machinery of APC to  openly rig out PDP in one swoop. 

Not even  their masterminded  cancellation of so many booths in Obowo, the stronghold of the PDP candidate, nor the indiscriminate allocation of votes to themselves in some obscure locations could guarantees    clear winning.

 When the  “orograpy’  became too difficult to achieve, they channeled the remaining part of their manipulative arsenal  to the judiciary which eventually gave it to them. 

Though all that is  history, but of interest now is  the wisdom of those who initiated the heroic reception for thiis great son of Okigwe Zone, who fought from all flanks to keep the party’s flag flying. 

Special  thanks must therefore  go  to these men of purposeful thinking, 

Great  leaders in their own right who knew that celebrating great effort evokes positive attitude, helps to aligned with predetermined goals and fuels motivation. 

Such men as the untiring Okigwe Zonal Chairman of the party, Sir Chidi Dike, our own  Chief Chinedu Chukwuonye (CUDUC),  the apex leader of  PDP Okigwe Zone, Chief  Barr. Chris Okewulonu ( Ebekuo), former Deputy Speaker of  IMHA, Rt. Hon.  Jonas Okeke and Barrister Alozie Mode Nwaokoro super leader from Okigwe LGA.

The gentle political giant  of Okigwe Zone, Chief Sir Stanley Ekezie,  former Speaker of IMHA, Rt. Hon. Lawman Duruji,  one of the strong men of Ehime Mbano politics, Engr. Ben Nwaoluka, and Hon. Barr. Nkiru Ibekwe are all  great sons of the Zone who  have their insignia on the great event.

 We cannot forget to mention Chief Samuel Egbukwu (Damacons),   Prof Obioma Iheduru,  Hon. Chukwuemeka Nwokeke and  many other leaders and PDP party faithful who have identified with the good side of Okigwe political history. 

The summary of the reception is captured in the words of Chief Sir Stanley  Ekezie (Akajimba), a major stakeholder  in the Imo North senatorial district bye-election.

He said, ” for us,  in PDP, we won that election. We are celebrating a man who has made us proud. We are saying “thank you for flying our flag”.

Sir Stanley who is the Director General of Ikeoha campaign organization and South East Ex-Officio of PDP, further explained that  the success recorded during the senatorial  bye-election has completely changed the political  dynamics of Okigwe Zone in particular and Imo State in general. 

It was a reconfirmation that Imo is PDP and PDP is Imo.

Chief Emmanuel Okewulonu (Ikeoha), the man at the centre of the  celebration is an icon worthy of honour. 

He is a man with the courage of his own conviction whose life validates the thought we tell ourselves about what is possible in this country. 

Ikeoha is a man full of life and positives. He is like a sun in the centre of constellation and people want to be near him 

 Let us therefore head to Central School Anara, on the 17th Oct. 2021, to receive  this great man who has written his  name  in the heart of men rather than on the tombstone. 

 What he did has spoken louder than what he said.